Xiaomi Singapore, Shun Wei co-lead US$18.2M investment of Indian language social platform ShareChat

ShareChat allows users to create their social profiles, follow other profiles, discover and share content with each other 

Dysco is the hyperlocal version of Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram -- all rolled into one

Dysco is an AI-powered social networking app that also helps users to discover people, innovative places to work in, interesting content, etc. 

VoxWeb, a social network that allows you to add voice caption to pictures, raises US$1M funding

VoxWeb allows creation of speaking pictures by enabling users to add voice note of up to 11 seconds to an image 

Singapore startup HeyMeet wants to help busy executives network and join interest groups

It doesn't want to be just another lunch or dating app, but also facilitate business-focussed and other interest events 

Zuckerberg needs to re-energise apathetic user base

Toxic conversations in a testy global political environment do not arouse emotions -- it just leads to boredom 

SAIF bets on Pulse, an app that works like Facebook did in 2004

Pulse is a social networking app that enables users to stay connected with college/school communities around them in a fun and visual way 

Why establishing a strong social presence is vital for any startup

It is very important enterprises of all sizes to build a strong social presence if they want to improve their reach and generate more business 

Startup that connects sports enthusiasts to events and venues in India secures funding

Sportido helps users discover places to play any sport with like-minded people, explore new sports, participate in events, and find deals on clubs and gyms nearby 

Is Google Allo a success or a failure? An analysis of data by region

The prospect does not look very bright in Asia. Why? It might be due to the "power of network effect" 

Online travel aggregator Goibibo launches travel social network on its app

In the next quarter, Goibibo will expand the social network to its user generated content pieces such as photo reviews, ratings and Q&As