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3 reasons why Asia's tech ecosystem needs heroes

Entrepreneurs in Asia should also closely follow the stories of tech founders who have succeeded here in the region 

More than just tech, your blockchain or crypto platform needs a killer tagline

Ever wonder why Steve Jobs' "10,000 songs in your pocket" marketing line was so effective? 

Today's top tech news, January 9: fashion company 'Steve Jobs Inc.' wins lawsuit

Also, Silway Ventures enters Vietnam and Grindr CEO leaves company 

(Infographic) 15 legendary quotes from successful entrepreneurs

If you’re already in the process of launching your own startup or have been thinking about it and in need of some motivational advice, these quotes may be helpful 

[Discussion] What is more important for startup success? The product? Or the founder?

Did the iPhone take off because it was a gorgeous product? Or was it because of the vision of Steve Jobs? 

I'm married and have two kids. Can I plunge into entrepreneurship now?

Is it a good idea to launch a startup, however unique it is, if you have got a family that is dependent on you? 

Should we celebrate failure?

Business deals are like marriages. In a marriage, if you pick a partner who is not right for you in the hope that he/she will dramatically change, it’s doomed to fail 

5 qualities to imbibe from a successful entrepreneur

Although not all successful entrepreneurs have a common background, education or area of interest, they have a lot of common characteristics 

Wozniak: Silicon Valley is not worried about Silicon Valleyish tech hubs springing up in other places

A wide-ranging interview with one of the most important people in the history of technology