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How edtech is changing the landscape of education in Asia

By Bobby Liu | Aug 08, 2016

50 per cent of education will be delivered online within 10 years Read More

27 Influencers to be recognised at Echelon Thailand 2015

By Shahilia Bhagat | Nov 24, 2015

You will get a chance to meet the Influencers at Echelon Thailand 2015 to be held on November 26-27 at Bangkok’s BITEC venue Read More

From Archives: The worst advice I have ever received as a Founder!

By Rahil Bhagat | Jun 13, 2015

There is good advice, there is bad advice and then there is utter rubbish. Founders from the region share advice received, that had them tearing their hair Read More

In search of spaceships: Charn Manawanitjarern's startup journey

By Angela Poe Noronha | Sep 17, 2014

He improved health with Haamor, upped teaching with Taamkru, and is always cooking up more. Where does this serial startup founder get his fuel from? Read More

How Taamkru made its startup story fit for TV

By Terence Ng | Sep 09, 2014

Having a compelling startup story lets your venture stand out. Find out the three ways Taamkru's Co-founder made his as captivating as a TV drama Read More

Moo Natavudh: 8 angel investments since last year, 3 to come soon

By Elaine Huang | Sep 09, 2014

Thailand-based angel investor Moo Natavudh is the CEO of e-book store Ookbee -- which explains his insatiable risk-appetite Read More

Echelon Thailand: 5 speakers to check out for the conference

By Terence Ng | Aug 07, 2014

Like Echelon 2014, Echelon Thailand will feature speakers and thought leaders from all over the world. Find out who will be there Read More

Thailand's Taamkru raises US$620K in seed funding led by 500 Startups

By Elaine Huang | Jul 30, 2014

Participating investors include M&S Partners, IMJ Investment Partners, Ookbee and Red Dot Ventures Read More

Watch how the top 10 startups wowed judges at Echelon 2014

By Martin Pasquier | Jun 25, 2014

The winners of Satellite events conducted across Asia pitched at Echelon 2014 in Singapore. Here we bring videos of their incredible pitches Read More

What does it take to win at Echelon?

By Wicharn Manawanitjarern | Jun 18, 2014

Taamkru won 'Echelon 2014 Launchpad Most Promising Startup Award'. But was it smooth sailing? CEO Wicharn Manawanitjarern shares the startup's journey Read More

Taamkru is Echelon 2014's Most Promising Startup

By Elaine Huang | Jun 10, 2014

Thailand's e-learning platform for kindergarten children Taamkru has won yet another award! Congratulations! Read More

Echelon 2014:10 startup Launchpadders will wow you with their pitches

By Terence Ng | May 28, 2014

After three months of Echelon Satellites, we've chosen 10 promising startups to pitch at the main Echelon event this June. Find out who they are Read More

Echelon 2014: Can Taamkru make learning less stressful for preschoolers?

By Elaine Huang | Apr 23, 2014

Unbeknown to some, preschoolers in Thailand are becoming stressed as parents go all out to get them a spot in a good primary school Read More

Echelon 2014: First 25 startups confirmed for Startup Marketplace!

By Hardik Patel | Apr 18, 2014

25 out of 50 exemplary startups have been confirmed to exhibit at Echelon 2014 Startup Marketplace. Check out what they do here Read More

Now is the best time to invest in Thai startups: Krating Poonpol

By Elaine Huang | Mar 19, 2014

'The Godfather' of Thai startups talks about the exponential growth in the country and how it will be too late if foreign investors come after 2 yrs Read More

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