The Toad @ JFDI: DocTree changes plans, heads back to India

Doctree will no longer be included in the JFDI acceleration programme; it leaves to pursue its own agenda in India 

The Toad @ JFDI: Startup founders, you should get a hobby

Are hobbies important in making founders more effective? We talk to JFDI startups 

The Toad @ JFDI: Venture capitalism is not as bad as it is made out to be

To the artist, commercialisation may be a dirty word, but venture capitalist contribute experience and mentoring in return for few monetary gains 

The Toad @ JFDI Day 8: Rapid fire with CodeToki

The Toad chats up with CodeToki Co-founders about their venture and its aim to help programmers learn coding, along with connecting them to SMEs 

The Toad @ JFDI Day 7: Education too boring? Say hello to Wikasa

Meet Rama Manusama, the CEO of Wikasa as he talks about his motivation behind the startup and how it is blooming to its full potential with JFDI 

The Toad @ JFDI Day 6: Outsource if you can, otherwise hire

Day 6 saw the JFDI startups attend a talk and panel discussion to debate business-critical topics such as outsourcing and Open Source 

The Toad @ JFDI: Startups rub shoulders with industry bigwigs on Day 5

Day 5 at JFDI was dedicated to networking, where the startups met over 60 entrepreneurs and investors at the TiE panel discussion on raising funding 

The Toad @ JFDI: Day 3 is for cohesion and Glint Intern's story

Day 3 at JFDI is for discussions with startups, while stories about individual teams start to roll out to paint in the details 

13 startups join JFDI's first accelerator programme for 2014

13 teams have been selected from a pool of 353, translating to acceptance rate of 3.6%. Startups are chosen basis the team’s potential, track record, expertise in business domain 

The Toad @ JFDI: Of venture capitalists and startups

JFDI on Day 2 makes startups jump through hoops of fire to pitch in front of a crowd of VCs and media