Kdan Mobile, a Taiwanese startup that is building a creativity suite similar to Adobe, announced yesterday it has raised a US$5 million Series A led by WI Harper Group, Darwin Venture Management, and Accord Ventures.

The company has build a full-suite of cloud-based SaaS products that target creative content producers with a mobile-first focus. For example, it has a movie-making tool, a animation software and a few PDF reading/editing apps. The suite of products is called Creativity 365.

While not the perfect comparison, in some ways Kdan Mobile looks a lot like Adobe whereby it is building a whole ecosystem of useful creativity tools under one umbrella.

It also has a document solutions tool built for enterprises called Document 365.

Enterprises and educational institutes can also buy a high-volume version of the offerings.

The money will be used to to expand their presence in the US and China while also developing and improving their enterprise and educational product offerings

Part of the financing will also be used to explore how Kdan Mobile can integrate artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies into its company. Furthermore, some money will go towards improving its real-time collaboration and encryption tools.

“We are stunned by Kdan’s leading development technology and global vision. We are glad to be part of their development plan and expect to grow with them,” said Y.K. Chu, a Managing Director at WI Harper Group in a statement

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According to the company, overall it has achieved 120 million downloads which has resulted in 3.5 million users of the Kdan Cloud infrastructure.

Kdan Mobile was started in 2009 and Kenny Su, the CEO, claims the company is profitable.

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