After Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, we are looking at agritech startups in Thailand.

Like in many other Southeast Asian countries, the agriculture sector plays a crucial role in the country’s economy. A Bangkok Post report stated that the value of rice traded in 2017 was THB174.5 billion (US$5.6 billion), which is around 12.89 per cent of all farming product.

The report stressed that with this figure, farmers in Thailand should have been wealthy as a consequence, but many issues arise instead, including the farmers being entangled by debts.

To save these farmers, many startups in the country are looking at ways to improve their farming practices and –eventually– the farmers’ livelihood.

The following is a list of agritech startups in Thailand as taken from the e27 startup database.

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CHIKCHIC aims to improve the livelihood of chicken farmers in developing countries by using IoT and ERP platform.

In addition to smart farming features such as malfunction alert and conditional setting, CHIKCHIC also provides financial management features such as profit forecast and productivity tracking.


CW2GREEN builds a smart farming platform called BANDIBURRI, which monitors temperature, humidity, CO2, and other sensor data in a greenhouse through remote mobile devices.

The startup also provides smart radio and sprayer drone for agricultural operations.


Founded in 2015, FolkRice is an open brand that connects small-scale farmers to potential customers, enabling them to sell their products at the best price. The products that are available on the platform ranges from rice to fresh vegetables.

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Happy Farmers

Happy Farmers aim to solve the problem of lack of market access for local farmers by launching an online marketplace to help farmers reach out to customers. The platform focusses only on organic and natural products and produces; it is part of its effort to promote sustainable agriculture in Thailand while answering a growing market demand.

Founded in December 2015, Happy Farmers has worked with more than 250 farmers and producers nationwide. As of May 2016, 50 of them are supplying more than 400 SKUs via Happy Farmers.

It also has a scheme that allows local farmers to hold shares in the company.


The Talad App enables farmers and farmworkers to connect to each other, eliminating the need for a middleman in the search process for contractors.

The startup also created an e-commerce platform for the agriculture sector, where they connect businesses to end-users to purchase goods and services for their fields and farms.

Trade Connex Limited

Trade Connex Limited builds an online SPOT market system for farmers to sell their crops online in real-time. It offers live auction, negotiation, and auto-matching trading modes for users, with special focus on products such as rice and rubber sheets.

The startup is working with the Thai National Bank for settlement services.

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Verifik8 is a compliance service which monitors and verifies the environmental and social performance of smallholder farmers and aquaculture operators in Southeast Asia. It aims to engage stakeholders in agriculture and seafood supply chain to increase transparency and accountability.

Some of the major companies that are working with the startup include PEPSICO and Nestle.

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Image Credit: Lisheng Chang on Unsplash