Carmen Benitez, founder of Fetchplus, and also current Chair of Technology & Strategy for Girls In Technology, is taking on her new venture – Gistly. is an apartment listing site that lets users find their perfect apartment using a 1-5 rating score card on key areas to match apartments that fit. Unlike traditional website listings, Gistly will not return users with many irrelevant listing results.

Taking on a different approach, Gistly lets users filter through non-traditional parameters such as prices, and location instead. Simply rate major points on your apartment lifestyle by rating them on a 1-5 scale, and Gistly matches you to apartments rated by actual renters’ score cards from that community that best fit. Some of the parameters that Gistly use includes neighbours, security, as well as recreations. From the best matches you can view videos / photo galleries of the apartment and see what other apartment dwellers said about the apartment community.

Gistly is launched on Fundable, a crowd-funding platform for startups, and is looking for a $10,000 funding. The startup has managed to raise $2375 so far, with 21 backers backing the startup.