Tanibox’s GRO Planter focusses on decorative indoor plants

Indonesian agritech startup Tanibox has recently launched its new product GRO Planter. While its previous products Tania, Terra, and Trace target the B2B segment, this new product is aiming for the B2C segment.

GRO Planter consists of a smart gardening set and a supporting mobile app. The product focusses on urban gardening, enabling users to plant vegetations at home or at a limited space. It offers two functionalities within the mobile app: My Garden and Learn.

The Learn menu contains comprehensive information on gardening techniques for beginners. The contents are being presented in two categories: Based on plants’ varieties and gardening techniques. The types of plants that are being discussed are vegetables, fruits, and even herbs.

Users can use the My Garden menu to note down activities related to the plants they have planted. The note-taking activities are meant to ensure that the plants are being taken care properly, in order to produce quality crops.

To use the My Garden feature, users need to purchase the GRO planter product from Tanibox. As a gardening set, GRO isĀ  meant for decorative plants that are often being used in residences, offices, and other rooms in need of aesthetic touch.

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The Tanibox planter was made by local artisans from premium, eco-friendly materials. It consists of seeds, nutrition, and hydroponic planting medium. Users can start purchasing them today on GRO Planter’s official site.

Once they have secured the planter set, users can input data by typing down serial number or scanning the barcode with the mobile app. Information about the plant will be displayed, and the mobile app will give a review on the environmental condition surrounding the plant and the actions that user needs to take.

“To use the My Garden feature, users need to purchase our planter product. They will need to input a serial number to activate the feature [before] they can start taking notes of their gardening activities,” explained Tanibox CEO & Founder Asep Bagja Priandana.

He added, “GRO has a vision for its products to become tech-enabled home decorations. The potted plants that we are going to launch will be designed as beautiful as possible, so that they can serve as decorations.”

Informations such as temperatures and lighting quality are also included in the mobile app, complemented with planting duration. The app’s dashboard is capable of managing more than one plant at a time.

“GRO is Tanibox’s sub-brand which is aimed for the B2C segment. Up until the end of this year, we will remain focussed on the Indonesian market,” Priandana closed.

The article Tanibox Luncurkan GRO Planter, Set Perlengkapan Bertanam dan Aplikasi Pendukung was written in Bahasa Indonesia by Randi Eka Yonida for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.

Image Credit: Tanibox