Tapjoy is placing its bets in the Asia Pacific region, and its latest move is in support of developers Down Under. With the Tapjoy Australia Fund, the company will provide promising Android and iOS developers upfront financing, as well as distribution support, marketing and consultation services with its experts.

Senior vice presidents for partnerships Chris Akhavan says Australia has among the hottest up-and-coming talent pools in the world, and the company wants to reinforce its commitment in this industry. “We want to offer them the tools, consultation and resources necessary to bring their apps to market, reach a global audience and monetize effectively.”

Meanwhile, Tapjoy’s expertise in the free-to-play game arena will be an invaluable help to the local game development community, says Anthony Reed, CEO of the Game Developer Association of Australia. “With the help of Tapjoy’s marketing strength and free-to-play consulting experience, as well as Australia’s $20 million Interactive Games Fund, Australia’s indie developers will find the road to success a little less bumpy.”

The first game development outfit to be taken into the Australia Fund is Defiant Development. Co-founder Morgan Jaffit says independent game developers will find that the new fund will open opportunities for marketing and monetizing their applications “It’s very forward thinking to focus on enabling Australian developers to reach further with their games, and it helps to take the UA and monetization questions that all developers are tackling at the moment.”

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Tapjoy features a mobile advertising and monetization platform focusing on a “value exchange” model, through which users are able to select personalized advertisements in exchange for premium items such as services, subscriptions and videos. The company has a global reach and has an audience through more than 97,000 applications.