TechInnovation 2017

For the past two decades, we have been enjoying an accelerated pace of technological innovation, which resulted in significant changes in the way we live, work, and interact. And while innovation is by no means a recent occurrence, it is with the recent ease of the flow of information that may have helped in progress to the speed it currently has.

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The speed at which information flows today is what drives the pace of innovation. This is where Open Innovation comes in. No one enterprise has the monopoly on innovative ideas, which makes it imperative for companies to leverage external ideas to complement their internal ideas if they want to advance their technology faster.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, no company can rely solely on its own strength to meet the needs of the market and users. The world is our R&D center. The world is our talent pool.
-Dr. XinMing Wan, Chief Engineer, Haier Open Innovation Center

Open Innovation will be at the forefront of TechInnovation 2017. With the theme Discover, Connect, Collaborate, TechInnovation will feature 140 exhibitors showcasing over 400 enabling technologies in two days of sharing and collaborating.

TechInnovation 2017 will explore four technology themes, namely:

  • Services & Digital Economy – covering electronics and infocomm
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering – looking at chemicals, manufacturing, and materials
  • Health & Personal Care – focussing on food, healthcare, life sciences, and personal care
  • Urban Solutions & Sustainability – exploring energy, environment, green building, and waste management

The two-day convention features keynote speakers Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer of Royal Philips, who will speak about co-creating solutions in health technology, and Phyllis Ong Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Armstrong Industrial Corporation, who will impart her expertise on inspiring creativity and open innovation.

Representatives from Haier Open Innovation Centre, Citibank Singapore, Nestle, United Laboratories, Betagro Group, and Reckitt Benckiser will also be speaking at a crowdsourcing segment, where they will invite solutions from the attendees.

Unilab is looking for mutually beneficial collaborations with companies with late-stage/new product/service innovations that complement Unilab’s focus on health and wellness.
-Dennis Dizon, Innovation Director of Consumer Health, United Laboratories

These large enterprises can tap on the world’s latest technologies and new solutions to develop their products. Startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators can gain insight on various industries of their interests and the opportunity to work with some of the world’s industry leaders.

We are looking for a good team with a specific expertise. On our side, we provide an instant, large customer base and the knowhow of a strong organisation, from regulatory to manufacturing to IP, as required.
-Stefan Dobrev, Global Head of Innovation Portolio Management, Nestle S.A.

And because we want you to make the most of TechInnovation 2017, here are five things you really shouldn’t miss:


A mainstay segment of TechInnovation, crowdsourcing is where industry leaders share emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in their respective sectors, to invite solutions, technologies, and partnerships from the innovators in the community.

This year, the two crowdsourcing segments will feature experts from various industries like pharmaceutical, banking, and fast-moving consumer goods.

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Food innovation makes its debut

TechInnovation will feature a new segment on Food Innovation. Food industry experts will dish out insights on the latest market trends and discuss how you can leverage technologies such as automation, blockchain, sensors, IoT, and the like to create innovative solutions in food preparation, distribution, and consumption.

With speakers from Mintel, Alchemy Foodtech, FOODSniffer, Life3 Biotech, and Foodchain, the food innovation segment will cover the ways the food industry is using technology to address consumer-led demands and challenges.

European-Singapore technology partnerships

Small and Medium Enterprises representing Europe’s highly innovative businesses with the potential to disrupt established value networks and markets will be exhibiting for the first time at the European Pavilion. Fifteen SMEs representing Europe’s highly will feature technologies in areas of artificial intelligence, 3D recognition, diagnostic medical devices, enzymatic solutions, functional materials, neuromonitoring and more.

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Innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups will pitch their idea to the attendees for the purposes of finding partners for commercialisation or co-development. Pitches for this year will cover technology and innovation opportunities in its four technology themes.

Purposeful Networking

Connect with potential collaborators through pre-matched business meetings based on your technology needs. Last year, over 400 meetings were facilitated at TechInnovation.

TechInnovation is Singapore’s premier industry-technology matching event happening September 19 to 20 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Organised by IPI, TechInnovation brings together international technology providers and enterprises to explore technology commercialisation and initiate business collaboration through open innovation. For more information, please visit the website.

Disclosure: This article is produced by the e27 content marketing team, sponsored by IPI

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