What’s the best thing about watching television? Being able to share and express your feelings about a certain cheesy plot, brilliant storyline, or spectacular special effects scene, of course! That’s why forums exist. However, these forums are usually disorganized, disregards user interface and experience and hard to understand.

ZupZip acts as a second screen for television viewers who might want to talk about how they feel and think about their favorite shows. This also enables them to rate the shows in real-time without any bias or feedback from friends and family.

CEO Nattapong Mongkolnavin of parent company Octagon Enterprise explained, “There are too many TV shows available for us and browsing through all the channels to get the program that interests you takes too much time. We would like to know what is trending TV show events so that we won’t miss it and stay up to day when we go to the office tomorrow.”

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The startup is made up of six members. Nattapong spent 15 years working with a startup in the telecom industry; CTO Jirapong Mukham graduated in Computer Science and finished his management degree in Entrepreneurship, and CDO Pitsanuwat Chantapoon also graduated in Computer Science and led development projects for enterprise customers. The other three: Patara, Thitinun and Aung So Lin are the lead designer and programers respectively.

After AIS The Startup Weekend 

Even though ZupZip did not win AIS The Startup Weekend, they did come up in the top five. What then did they learn while they were part of AIS The Startup Weekend? Nattapong said that they enjoyed understanding more about design and the lean startup process. He added:

“Combining them together, it allows us to rethink about our application and let us work on what is really needed. The startup metrics are also very useful – it makes us focus on KPIs that really matter to us. Participating in the program with like-minded [individuals] helps motivate our team spirit and enhance confidence in what we’re working on. Meeting and discussing with all the mentors from various industries and backgrounds open up our vision into other areas that excel our startup.”

What ZupZip needs

While the application will be rolled out soon, ZupZip hopes that they will gain traction quickly. CEO Nattapong said, “What we need is the first batch of our users.”

He also added that they are looking for a partner or venture capital firm who will be able to provide both monetary benefits and networking opportunities in the digital marketing industry.

They are also facing issues with hiring. Nattapong shared, “We are searching for more talents to join our team, especially the marketing side.”

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Given these challenges, they are still optimistic about what they want to become. Nattapong sets his sights on turning ZupZip into a “platform that helps TV audiences discover their favorite program fast” and one which allows social sharing features. He also explained that the media industry will be able to benefit since these will reveal clear insights into audience statistics.

He then shared, “When our concept is proven in Thailand, we would like to extend to other areas in ASEAN countries.”

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