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Dipify, the startup that won this year’s Echelon Satellite Thailand’s People’s Choice, quietly launched a beta version of its messenger-app-with-a-twist on Google Play earlier this month. An iOS version is in the pipeline (currently only accessible via TestFlight).

The idea behind Dipify is actually very simple: it wants to connect people who are doing the same online activity at any given time — such as viewing a YouTube video — by notifying both (or more) users through a push notification that then allows them to start a conversation around the content on Dipify’s messaging platform.

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“[Earlier this year] we were invited to compete for True InCube and SIPA Angel in the City,” said Derek Lam, Co-founder, Dipify, in an interview with e27. “We came in the top five and were accepted into those incubators, but we didn’t want to accept any money at that point, so we turned them down. Since then, we’ve just been going at it at our own speed.”

Lam said they are thinking about accepting a seed round in December after they have first gained some traction in the market and with users. They are currently using APIs from YouTube and Facebook, and are considering trying to incorporate Instagram as well.

“We’ve got 223 users on our beta, and 105 on our Alpha, plus 91 Alpha testers on TestFlight for iOS,” Lam said. “This idea is an absolute first-of-its-kind. I’ve talked to people who said they were surprised it hadn’t already been done.”

Dipify team comprises four members.

Lam specifies that Dipify is more than just a dating app; it’s about connecting people on a purely social basis around content they are mutually interested in.

“[Prior investment offers] are on the hush right now, but we have attracted interest from some big names,” he said.

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