Anino Games

Pocket PlayLab, the two-year-old company behind tropical match-3 game Juice Cubes, today announced its acquisition of Philippines-based game studio Anino Games. The acquisition sum remains undisclosed.

Jakob Lykkegaard Pedersen, Co-founder, Pocket PlayLab, told e27, “It (acquiring Anino Games) will give us one of the most talented teams in the region and help us expand with more titles across genres.”

Founded in 2001, Anino Games has developed more than 60 titles across platforms, proving itself to be a long-standing pioneer in the gaming scene. Its new parent, incorporated in Hong Kong and based in Thailand, has launched five titles, garnering 1.6 million daily active users.

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Thomas Andreasen, Co-founder, Pocket PlayLab said, “Anino Games will not only help us in reaching our regional expansion plans faster, its experienced team will also be an incredible asset to our future growth and assist in our positioning as SEA’s most prominent mobile game developer.”

Going forward, being part of Pocket PlayLab will give Anino Games the focus it needs to create the next big thing. “Being part of Pocket PlayLab means that from developing games for other companies, we will be able to focus instead on creating new original properties which we hope will become the hits of the future,” said Niel Dagondon, CEO, Anino Games.

Pedersen further added that while the current management will remain the same, a few changes will be made internally. For example, instead of having departments like art or development, the firm will have producer-type roles to speed up the decision-making process. This will enable teams to move faster with ideas generated from within the company, instead of from top management, he said.