Our mission at e27 is, “To empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies.” This is why we run Echelon; to share knowledge, facilitate meetings and hopefully build relationships that will grow in the coming years.

This is why, every year, Echelon brings to the conference its CONNECT app to help facilitate business matching amongst the community.

The goal is to cut through the masses and reach out to make meaningful 1-on-1 conversations in the flesh. Think of it like taking care of the small talk before the event so that during the conference you can get down to business.

Here is how the app works:

  1. Get your ticket
  2. Upon registering for Echelon, you will receive an email that will take you through the process of downloading the app.
  3. Download the app and update your profile
  4. Use filters to sift through Industries and Investors. Or filter down to Founders and CEOs.
  5. Request a meeting and start chatting!

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This year, e27 brings together startups from 23 countries across APAC for a pitch battle showdown where the winner takes home our Top100 championship belt.

Echelon Asia Summit 2018 expects over 150 world-class speakers, 200 investors, 300 exhibition booths and 6,000 attendees at Expo Center in Singapore on 28 – 29 June.