Ramit Sethi has turned down an offer from Google and lost half of his college scholarship in poor investments. Sethi then went on to write a New York Times bestselling book called ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich‘ and Co-founded a successful online portal called PBworks.

In the world of entrepreneurship, the act of turning down a stable career to risk in the startup world is a rebellious act in itself. But as Sethi points out, people have to earn the right to rebel, and that means proving they can be diligent and successful in other parts of life.

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(4:24) On why venture capital isn’t the only way to fund your startup, and when you should seek funding elsewhere
(7:45) Ramit’s experience growing with a dual set of both Eastern and Western values
(9:23) On the influence Ramit’s parents had on his entrepreneurial ambitions
(11:43) Why you need to earn the right to rebel
(15:25) Have we reached peak online entrepreneurism?
(18:30) How to stand out as an online entrepreneur in a world of infinite noise
(19:54) How Ramit defines living a “rich life”
(23:36) Ramit’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs whose parents may be struggling to come to terms with their newfound passion
(26:03) Resources for anyone who’s ever entertained the idea of starting a side hustle
(28:26) One final piece of advice for anyone who isn’t living the life they want
(30:19) Have a burning question or an idea that would make for an epic article? Ramit’s looking for your suggestions