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Update: The post has been updated to remove some sensitive figures.

In lieu with our coverage on Cooliris, which launched their new iOS apps to make photo social sharing easier, the team at Cooliris has now got back in touch with us to share some phenomenal tractions they are seeing.

According to the slide deck that Cooliris shared with us, they are now the number 1 iPad app in 63 countries for the lifestyle category. Some of the countries where it has topped the App Store chart includes Thailand, Vietnam, United States and New Zealand. The app was also top 5 in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Jong, Japan, Australia, India and 92 other countries. In only two weeks, Cooliris shared that people have spent millions of minutes on their brand new Cooliris app experiencing photos.

During the first two weeks of launch, there were over 80 million photos viewed and over 250,000 photos shared from Cooliris to Facebook.

While it took Instagram three weeks to be featured and to reach App of the week when it was first launch, it only took Cooliris two weeks to gain such an amazing traction and top the app store charts. If Instagram should be worried about someone, it would definitely be Cooliris. Cooliris also recently secured an investment round from DOMOCO capital to expand its reach to Japan.

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What people say about Cooliris