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The Startup Firehose aims to be the one-stop information centre for Singapore Startups by aggregating startup blogs in Singapore.

In this technology-focused niche we live in, everything is evolving so fast that it is getting harder to keep track of all the stuffs that is going on. With the advancement of technology, more and more things are created everyday at faster speed. Startups, websites, information, new business models and blogs are created everyday. Take a day off and you’re behind. Take an hour off and you just missed 300 more blog posts. Recognizing this problem, Ric Shreves of GottaGetaway recently launched The Startup Firehose which aims to solve this problem.

What the Startup Firehose is about
Startup Firehose is a blog that “aggregates RSS feeds from various start-ups in the Singapore community and is open to anyone.” It is completely non-commercial and the listings are free for any startups to list their site onto Startup Firehose. Essentially, you can find the aggregated blog posts of Singapore startups on The Startup Firehose. So far startups such as Alldealsasia, Gamemaki, ReferralCandy, and Intraix among others have been listed on the site. The blog entries are sorted in chronological order, and can also be sorted  by companies or by authors.

Visiting the site versus visiting individual startup blogs
Personally, I feel that the blog is a good initiative for the startup community in Singapore. “I’ll buy coffee for whoever built this.” says Daylon Soh of CuriousCore when he first came across The Startup Firehose, reflecting a positive attitude towards the idea. Indeed, aggregating the blogs of startups in Singapore provides an avenue to keep track of the activities of these startups. Instead of having to visit all the individual blogs, one could have an overview of the latest activities of the Singapore startups with The Startup Firehose. Besides, with The Startup Firehose, you no longer have to have aggregate all the RSS feeds of Singapore Startups, because the website does exactly that for you.

Is Startup Firehose just another website?

With so much content on the web every single day, it is clear that we are gradually reaching a point where tools which aggregate, centralize and most importantly filter our content are going to be the ones that win out. There are only so many hours in the day and other than our daily jobs, we are all spoilt with web content that demands and fights for our attention. The Startup Firehose definitely is working towards providing readers an avenue to filter out the various contents from the blogs of Startups through its aggregated website as well we its built in features that allow reads to sort and filter the content.

How can you be part of Startup Firehose

If you are a startup that needs more traffic and awareness, you should definitely get your startup’s blog listed on The Startup Firehose. Existing startup blogs that have already been listed could also go onto the site to claim their accounts. Even if you are not a startup, you could also check The Startup Firehose out and let us at e27 know what you think about the website.