Indian startup DocTree is leaving the JFDI acceleration programme to concentrate on its market back home. The team shared they have seen high growth in recent weeks and want to take full advantage of the same.

Consensus is that DocTree will grow its business in India, and would come back to Singapore when ready to expand across Asia Pacific.

DocTree provides a service that makes the healthcare sector more affordable and transparent for the end consumer by working together with doctors.

Oswald Yeo of Glints Intern shared his opinion on DocTree; he said, according to him, Doctree is a mature startup due to its traction in revenue growth, user growth and how long it has been operating. He also speculated, saying that JFDI is mainly investing in early-stage startups, and Doctree might not be in best possible environment for its acceleration.

Commenting on DocTree, Hugh Mason, Co-founder and CEO, JFDI said, “DocTree is a great business and we (JFDI) think that it has great potential in Asia. We are delighted it has taken off so fast and hope that they will come back when they are ready to expand across Asia.”

Coming to the rest of the teams, they have to conduct their scheduled customer development interviews, come up with a revenue model, as well as solve real needs that consumers face. In a sense, it is to find a market for their product to fit in. Some of the startups are beyond that stage, and are working on their beta testing right now, where they are slowly releasing their list of features to further optimise their product.

The current startups that are in their beta phase include CodeToki, Kallfly, Glints Intern and Stylhunt. This would mean that you can visit their websites and sign up for their service now.

The startups that are conducting their business interviews are Wikasa, Mashbox (team Autocus) and HeyMaggie . This author has not spoken to Celuv and Contentfactory yet.

Storyroll, Stumply and XYSec Labs are set to launch their products very soon, by this week or the next, with XYZ Labs launching a private beta.

Those who fail to deliver expected results will have to pivot before it is too late to do so.