The show this year was also bigger, spanning nine halls as compared to eight last year. There was also a record high number of exhibitions by 352 companies and organizations from 33 countries and regions. This is an approximate 60% increase.

In line with this year’s theme, the games showcased revealed the limitless evolution of the industry. The trend of showcases revealed that there are many titles being created for the Playstation 4 and XboX One. There were also many titles for cloud gaming where users can enjoy the games on the cloud via internet. Expectedly, most titles were on the mobile platforms with iOS being the highest at 114 titles.

However, it is also interesting to see that the Android platform is not far behind at 112 titles. Evidently, the market for gaming on the Android platform is seeing a lot more entrances than before. (Speaking of which, I am excited for Plants Versus Zombies 2 to be out on Android soon!)

On the Business Days, discussions between panelists from GREE, Pokelabo, and SEGA Networks were centered around winning strategies for the global smartphone apps market. Organizers this year evidently enhanced the experience for business visitors too.  Not only were there more influential companies from Asia coming down to provide projects and expand business opportunities, there was also a Business Marching System where “Matching coordinators” were stationed to help all the exhibitors and business visitors at the Business Meeting Area. There are also promotional activities with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to help visitors explore different approaches to markets outside Japan.

The Tokyo Game show is truly evolving its fan experiences and expanding business opportunities for its visitors. The next TOKYO GAME SHOW is scheduled to be held at the same venue from Thursday, September 18 to Sunday, September 21, 2014. Definitely looking forward to that.

Watch this video to find out what were the favourite releases at the show.