Roshni Mahtani (Founder & CEO Tickled Media) Speaker at Echelon 2012

Roshni Mahtani (Founder & CEO Tickled Media) Speaker at Echelon 2012

Roshni Mahtani, CEO and founder of Tickled Media which publishes online magazines across Southeast Asia, will be part of the women panel at Echelon 2012 to touch on the topic “The X Factor in Tech.”

Tickled Media was recently certified as one of the world’s most democratic companies by WorldBlu and ranked among Singapore’s 10 hottest start-ups in 2012 by Singapore Business Review.

Born in 1983, this Singaporean entrepreneur and journalist is best known for launching the parenting website, in 2008, and family activity website, in 2011.

In the very same year, Roshni announced that Tickled Media had signed a contract with the Russian online publisher SUP Media to run its flagship product, LiveJournal in Asia.

“With the total e-commerce market estimated at S$1.6 billion this year, we are proud to see that LiveJournal transactions might represent a staggering 6% of that, re-affirming us as one of the largest e-commerce players in Singapore.”

Upon graduating, Roshni went straight into the interesting  world of media. At only 20 years old, she was the production assistant for Voiceovers Unlimited, an international animation production house. The following year, she became youngest production manager  in Singapore .

She climbed the ladder and secured a role as the head English script editor for One Piece, the world’s top selling Japanese manga publisher. She found her calling as a wordsmith and decided to pursue a career in journalism. She has written for renowned magazines such as Computerworld, CIO, Motherhood, GOLF, Teens and Readers Digest.

Ultimately, her passion for kids and parenting led her to start Tickled Media which operates web portals like and provides social media consulting, targeting Fortune 500 clients across Southeast Asia.

Roshni Mahtani (Founder & CEO Tickled Media) Speaker at Echelon 2012

Roshni Mahtani (Founder & CEO Tickled Media) Speaker at Echelon 2012

Tickled Media, a Singapore-based digital publishing house that operates LiveJournal, and in several Asian markets, was recently selected as the first Singaporean operated company to be certified by WorldBlu, a company specialising in organisational democracy, as a globally recognized democratic workplace.

The company, which is supported by Tigris Capital Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based media investment fund, also handles innovative online campaigns for both local and multi-national companies in the region.

Roshni Mahtani (Founder & CEO Tickled Media) is one of the awesome speakers at Echelon 2012. This tech conference is a two-day, double-track event on 11 and 12 June 2012 with over 1,100 delegates, a demo pit of up to 50 regional startups per day and various workshops. Get your tickets now!