The Indonesian chapter of US-based accelerator programme Plug and Play has announced the 20 startups that have been shortlisted for its fourth batch.

In addition to startups that are based in Indonesia, the current also included seven startups from Singapore, India, and the Philippines.

These startups are set to join a three-month programme that will end with a demo day.

The startups are:

The startup build payment infrastructure that enables users to transfer money “quickly and effectively” at scale.

The startup provides “economical and convenient” cross-border online money transfer solutions.

Based in Singapore, cryptocurrency wallet CoinHako has operations across Southeast Asia and hosts a portfolio of multiple cryptocurrencies paired with local currencies.

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The startup aims to simplify personal finance by offering consumer behaviour insights. In addition to monitoring and visualising their spending habits, users can also get relevant promotions at merchants.

Philippines-based Magpie is a digital payments platform that enables financial institutions to create experiences from mobile-based invoice collection to text message-based payments using their APIs.

Bizhare is an equity crowdfunding platform that enables users to start investing in franchise businesses from US$400. It also distributes financial statements and monthly profit distribution through its e-wallet feature.
The startup aims to improve livestock farmer welfare by providing end-to-end solution on market access, insight, funding as well as promotions of sustainable agricultural practices and humane animal care.

Bandingin is a price comparison platform for various insurance products.

Bangalore-based Vymo is a Gartner-recognised Personal Sales Assistant with the ability to predict, detect, learn, and coach sales representatives to get the best outcomes.

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PAL Network
The Singapore-based startup builds dual-layered protocol for financial assets, enabling insurance and finance solution designs in smart contract within minutes. It helps partners to cross-sell relevant insurance products at points-of-demands.

Intello Labs
Gurgaon-based Intello Labs said it has pioneered a “first-in-the-world” app and equipment to test, grade, and analyse the visual quality parameters of agricultural commodities.

ATM Sehat
Anjungan Telehealth Masyarakat (ATM) Sehat is an all-in-one device that for public health promotion, monitoring, and prevention. Users can perform health checks and screening, do live consultation, buy health products, and even call an ambulance using a panic button with just one device.

India-based Intelitaap provides indoor consumer behaviour analytics platform using sensors, enabling businesses to optimise in-store experience.

RaRa Delivery
A last-mile delivery service for e-commerce businesses that aims to make same-day delivery scalable with asset-light operational model and AI-enabled real-time optimisation technology.
The platform helps logistics companies track their fleets or drivers’ location, measure each delivery’s performance, and evaluate drivers’ driving behaviour.

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A distribution optimisation software for manufacturers and logistics to maximise vehicle drop-in locations, reduce delivery cost, and vehicle utilisation.

The startup helps export-oriented companies with cargo delivery scheduling, price comparison, documents procession, and payment transactions.

Aquifi, Inc.
The startup automates repetitive, time-sensitive tasks such as end-of-line and order inspection with proprietary 3D sensors and deep neural networks.

Madhang supports small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the culinary sector by providing sales and marketing tools as well as points-of-sales (POS) system.

Redkendi is an online marketplace for meal catering services.