asian male celebritiesHang out with your favourite Asian stars on Google+ Hangouts.

Updates : The following are hashtags for fans to submit to their stars.

3/8         Shine (K-Pop) #apopshinee
3/9         王力宏 Wang Lee Hom (C-Pop) #apopleehom
3/10       Super Junior (K-Pop) #apopsuperjunior
3/11       きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (J-Pop) #apopkyary
3/12       flumpool (J-Pop) #apopflumpool
3/13       2PM (K-Pop) #apop2pm
3/14       五月天 Mayday (C-Pop) #apopmayday

Are you a huge fan of K-Pop (Korean Pop), J-Pop (Japanese Pop) or C-Pop (Chinese Pop)? Well personally, I’m not so much of a fan but it never hurts to stay in the know of what’s hot and what’s not in the Asian music industry. Introducing A-Pop Star Week by Google, it allows you to interact with your favourite stars using the Google+ platform.

How cool is that? Gone are the days where you get the scoop and information of your favourite celebrity through gossip sites and commercialized websites. Now you get to hang out with big names on Google+ and ask questions directly. A-Pop Star week will be launched on 8th March and plus, there’s a new YouTube A-Pop Channel as well. A-Pop Channel is a hub for music videos and live-streaming concerts from Asian artists. It includes live performances and Top 20 videos from Asian pop artists. This is a great platform to catch that missed concert or just to check out those synchronised dance moves from your favourite groups such as Girls’ Generation or Super Junior or be serenaded by your favourite good-looking celebrity such as Wang Lee Hom.

Want to know the lineup of artists who will be hanging out with fans on Google+? Here’s the list.

March 8              –              Shinee (K-POP)

March 9               –              Wang Lee Hom (C-Pop)

March 10             –              Super Junior (K-Pop)

March 11             –              Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (J-Pop)

March 12             –              flumpool (J-Pop)

March 13             –              2PM (K-Pop)

March 14             –              Mayday (C-Pop)

Excited yet? You can ask questions by going on Google+ and submit your questions via hashtag (this will be revealed closer to the date). The stars will hand-pick five lucky participants for each Hangout so make sure your questions stand out from the rest! Personally I might ask Wang Lee Hom which female artist that he finds beautiful and inspiring or what skin product he’s currently using. Who knows, he might just pick my question!

So utilize your Google+ now and follow these following pages for more information on these Hangouts. J-Pop (available in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English), C-Pop (available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English), K-Pop (available in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, and English). Remember to subscribe to YouTube A-Pop channel to stay updated.

Image Credit : Flickr