Shannon Kalayanamitr, co-founder and Group CMO of Orami

Part of helping women grow into an equal part tech workforce is highlighting the people who are paving the road. This year’s Echelon Asia Summit will feature a host of women serving badassery on multiple sectors.

Among the 19 awesome women featured this year there are four names that have been making marks with their positions in various venture capital firms in Southeast Asia. From Indonesia to Thailand, here are the names you can look forward to meeting:

1. Melisa Irene, Principal, East Ventures Indonesia

Irene started off as an intern in East Ventures while finishing her final bachelor degree thesis in Accounting. She continued to work hard through the firm and is now the youngest Partner in the history of the early stage startup-focussed VC.

Irene now works with startup founders across the region to provide coordination and support for venture growth and fundraising. Irene said that her true reason for staying in the company since her intern days was simply because she wants to be in the front seat watching the digital transformation in Indonesia.

“Always betting on young founders and their nascent startups are a learning curve on its own for me,” she said. One thing that Irene always considers important when dealing with startups and funding is how to move faster without compromising the integrity and managing the expectation.

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Irene will appear on Echelon’s Capital stage to talk about how best to navigate Indonesia’s fragmented market and how to include more cities other than Jakarta. Irene will share the stage with Raditya Pramana, Partner of Venturra Discovery Endeavour Indonesia.

2. Shannon Kalayanamitr, Venture Partner, Gobi Partners Thailand

Shannon Kalayanamitr left the women-focussed e-commerce she founded, Orami, in 2017. With 18 years of entrepreneurial experience in building startup companies and executive committee positions under her belt, she joined GobiPartners Thailand as a Venture Partner.

As an advocate at UN Women He for She her roe at Echelon Asia Summit this year will be talking about smart capital and how to grow beyond seed stage with the right strategic investor. Her corporate and strategic development, as well as marketing and media insight, will be under the spotlight alongside Jeffrey Paine, Partner, Golden Gate Ventures and Michael Blakey, Managing Partner, Cocoon Capital,

3. Priyadarshini Majumdar, Business Strategist, AstropreneursHUB

Priyadarshini Majumdar has a history of depression and she detailed her journey in a vulnerably beautiful post. Rediscovering her love for space, she is now a part of Astropreneurs HUB, the space technology-focussed incubator that offers technical and business mentorship as well as an opportunity to validate outer space technology.

Priya, Majumdar’s nickname, serves as photonics and optics engineer, bringing her experience on the NUS Galassia CubeSatellite on board. She will be talking in the Spacetech panel in Echelon Asia Summit 2019.

4. Gail Wong, Co-Founder, Ladies Investment Club Singapore

Leaving her cushy job as a corporate finance banker with Morgan Stanley in Asia, Europe, and US, Gail Wong started coaching business leaders to define and design success on their own terms. She also champions financial zen and mastery for all women through her coaching programs and community-building initiatives.

With Ladies Investment Club (LIC), Wong joined forces with other badass, self-funded female investors on a mission to find, support, and nurture female founders on their journey to business ownership. LIC is Driven by the desire of wanting to see more women-led start-ups and early stage companies.

Wong’s panel in Echelon will focus on diversity and level playing field for women in the wake of #MeToo.

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More highlights on women panelists to come on the road to Echelon Asia Summit 201 on May 22-23. Have you booked your ticket yet? Use the code ECHELONFUTURE to secure yours.