While applications have technically closed, we are still open adding a few more startups to the competition. If you would like to apply to TOP100, fill out this form!

TOP100 is heading to Thailand! We can’t wait to hear these fantastic startups pitch for a chance to showcase their company in front of thousands of people in Singapore at Echelon Asia Summit 2019!


The first startup on our list is a platform for companies to manage their vehicle fleet. DRVR uses a mix of sensors and devices to help businesses track their vehicles and a management tool to make the process digital.

2. Flying Thai Food

Already featured in e27, The Flying Thai Food is an online restaurant that delivers Thai food to customers in tier-two cities in China.

Using its own website, WeChat, and TaoBao as sales channels, the startup delivers ready-to-eat, vacuum-sealed boxset to Thai food fans in cities such as Guangzhou, Liuzhou, Nanning, and Shenzhen.

3. CareerVisa Digital

A platform that provides a host of career development services, CareerVisa provides coaching, insights and assessment tools for people looking for jobs. It boasts partners like dtac, AIA and ThaiBev.


This chatbot and analytics tool helps people respond to customer queries, display products for visibility and even facilitates the payment process. Zwiz.ai was used by the cinema company Major Group and helped people manage reservations and notify them of new releases.

5. Bowr

Bowr is an one-stop-shop e-commerce marketplace for furniture. It offers made-to-order pieces, fancy outdoor goods and corporate furnishing options.

6. Foodie

The goal of Foodie is to turn every individual restaurant into its own Deliveroo. It runs an operates an e-commerce platform for the restaurant so they can focus on making good food.

7. Hyre

A short-term events gig startup, Hyre allows people to set their wages plus deciding when and where they want to work. For companies it provides a source for short-term staff if necessary for events or other one-off needs.

8. Glife Technologies Pte Ltd

Glife is a restaurant procurement company for fresh produce. The platform has an extensive catalog that helps restaurants find fruits and vegetables straight from the source. It also has a full-scale logistics system to facilitate delivery.

9. Globish Academia

Globish leverages a network of foreign institutions to help people learn english. It also provides reading material to be completed before lessons and homework for when the class is over.

10. Talad Holding Corp.

The Talad App enables farmers and contractors to connect with each other for free, quickly and easily. The startup aims to provide access for small farmers to the global agriculture industry.


Quest is a service that helps people learn both english and coding. In today’s global economy, an understanding of english makes a big difference and coding is becoming equally as important every year.

12. FinWhaleX

This blockchain company wants to bring a decentralised future to the finance industry. FinWhaleX uses blockchain to facilitate transactions in the finance space and it is building a service that can automate processes within the industry.

13. BTC Intergroup Co, Ltd

This company offers marketing, advertising and strategy consultancy to startups and other businesses. BTC Intergroup provides individual marketing managers to their clients to make sure they get the attention they need.

14. UB Save Co.

The product is called the Super Hybrid Aerator. UB Save Co. is targetting the waste water treatment industry with their product that they believe can reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

15. ebizkit

ebizkit is a starter kit to help businesses get off the ground.


This web application provides visual-based trip planning tools that include geolocation, tracking maps and experienced-based information about a given location. SNEAK wants to build a forum for people to build their ideal trip.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash