Gamers in Singapore may remember the huge campaign push for first-person parkour title Mirror’s Edge back in 2008 and 2009. Fast forward to now, three people who form a dev team called Midgar Studio will be working on a nod to that criminally undersold game.

The game is called Hover: Revolt of Gamers and it’s a single/multiplayer cel-shaded first-and-third person action game where you and a bunch of other online pals race from one point to another in a non-linear and non-constrictive fashion in a futuristic city. These players are labeled as Gamers and they’re in charge of revolting against the in-game authorities for banning entertainment and freedom.

Unlike regular parkour athletes, these Gamers can run really fast, jump off to insane heights and grind on rails like nobody’s business. If you wish, you can also use an Oculus Rift to experience it all in VR format. Apart from Mirror’s Edge, the game is inspired by Sega’s cel-shaded skating action game Jet Grind Radio and films like The Fifth Element and Star Wars.

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The Kickstarter campaign went well for the project, as it garnered US$66,795 within eight days and exceeded its US$38,000 requirement. This means that one of its major stretch goals was reached, which was to get Jet Grind Radio music composer Hideki Naganuma to create the game’s soundtrack.

The game is targeted for the PC, Mac, Linux systems, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The devs are planning on doing a Wii U version as well, which includes asymmetric gameplay and local multiplayer modes, provided that the stretch goals for this part is reached. Interested parties can contribute to the Kickstarter page here.