Aureus Analytics, a Big Data and analytics firm headquartered in Singapore, has set up a Big Data analytics lab, in partnership with Cloudera, at Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (VESIT) campus in Mumbai, India.

The firm is in talks with a leading university in Singapore for a similar initiative. Details of which will be revealed in some time.

Called Aureus Campus Connect, the aim of the programme is to engage with academia and help engineering and management students become employable in the Big Data and analytics space
While institutes in India have an intensive curriculum charted out, it is seldom handy to students when it comes to application. The lab wants to fill in this need-gap.

“By way of this lab, we will develop analytics and Big Data skills that are relevant in today’s business scenario. The lab will allow students to get first-hand experience of real analytics challenges as part of their regular curriculum. The lab will work on business-specific challenges that will also equip students to apply themselves,” said Ashish Tanna, COO of Aureus Analytics, and lead for the Campus Connect programme.

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According to a report by NASSCOM, the Big Data and analytics industry will see a shortfall of approximately 140,000 to 190,000 analytics professionals by 2019 in North America alone. Aureus Campus Connect initiative will help to equip managers of tomorrow to meet this skill shortfall, said an official release.

After the launch at one of the leading technical schools, Aureus has plans to open another such lab in a premier management school in India.

Dr M Vijayalakshmi, Head of Department and Programme Head, VESIT said, “The primary motivation for this venture is to future-proof technical education imparted to students, and simultaneously address the high demand that has been predicted for analytics professionals. A Cloudera certified course will complement their degrees and increase employability. Our goal for this venture is create a research facility with state-of-the-art technology to promote the next wave of breakthroughs in Big Data.”

Initially the lab will run on ClouderaHadoop installations. Over a period of time, additional tools will be bought in.

Vijay Talreja, Program Sponsor, VESIT said, “Our vision is to have VESIT’s Big Data analytics lab be one of the best in the country, thereby producing deep skills and delivering research in this space.”