Founded in 2012 by US venture firm WI Harper Group, Head of Innovation Works Lee Kaifu, and ITRI, TMI is an incubator baesd in Taipei. Some of its portfolio includes online video platform Eumakh, online wardrobe, location based social network Mapchats as well as kids entertainment studio Roam & Wander. Eumakh is founded by the AtticTV team, which is also our Echelon 2012 alumnus as well as a graduate of Founder Institute Singapore.

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TMI is now branching out and is launching its Hardware Acceleration Program (HAP), a business incubator that welcomes innovative mobile and internet-related hardware startups. HAP provides all the support startups need for building their dreams from prototype creation to mass production.

Peter Liu from WI Harper Group, one of the firms that support this program, emphasized that “The goal of the Hardware Acceleration Program is to assist early-stage hardware innovation projects throughout the different steps of the business creation.” He also added that the program is mainly focused on linking startups with experienced manufacturers in order to make high quality and competitive products, and that “it will create an advantageous environment for all parties involved.”

One important feature about this program is that it is free of cost for eligible projects, as TMI does not seek profit from it. Instead, the business incubator aims to discover new investment opportunities through the accelerator program.

For more information on the Hardware Acceleration Program, you can get in touch with Vivienne Liao. You can also apply for the accelerator programme at their official website.

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