Image credit: Tangentleman

Image credit: Tangentleman

What do you get when you have the man behind the original Tomb Raider series working alongside the Creative Director of the 2012 smart-but-controversial Spec Ops: The Line and the Art Director of the Call of Duty games? Why, a new startup company that’s built out of fatigue from the triple-A game development landscape!

Tomb Raider Creator Toby Gard and Spec Ops: The Line Creative Director Cory Davis have founded Tangentlemen, a startup game development company that is “dedicated to uncanny interactive experiences”. They are joined by the aforementioned Art Director Rich Smith and three developers from action game Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z — Production Lead John Garcia-Shelton, Arcade Mode Designer Brandon Popovich, and Associate Producer John Swift. That’s quite a pedigree!

The company’s first game is a project code-named Daedalus, which is described as an existential and surreal horror trip. The company has yet to share more details at this point in time as it is in its concept phase.

The team met up during the development of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and decided to pursue the startup plan after that action game was shipped. According to a statement by Gard, the rising costs of triple-A games development had led to a creative stagnation in games. “[Because of the booming indie gaming scene], We have formed Tangentlemen to take some creative risks and trust our belief that there is an audience who want fun experiences that don’t fall comfortably inside predefined marketing boxes.”

Davis added that the company’s solution and ideals will be different and unorthodox. “They’re often weird, or even absurd, with strong gestures that challenge the status quo. Our games are extreme in their thematic, narrative, and mechanical design. I seriously can’t wait to tell you exactly what we’re up to right now.”

With all of these startups featuring high-profile triple-A game designers popping up, the 2014 gaming landscape indeed looks exciting.