Over the last few weeks, the e27 team has been travelling around the region on the hunt for the best Asia startups. We have travelled to 9 countries and connected with various local communities around the region. More than 100 startups pitched at our 9 Satellites, and we believe we have found the best regional startups this year. We will be bringing them to you at Echelon on the 4th and 5th of June.

In alphabetical order, here are the 10 pitching startups:

Echelon 2013 pitching startups

1. GridMarkets (Malaysia)

GridMarkets is creating a marketplace for institutions to sell their excess CPU capacity to other institutions that have need for large amounts of computational power. The sellers are able to monetise a depreciating asset, and buyers can source the capacity for a fraction of the price of primary market public cloud costs. GridMarkets emerged as the most promising startup at our Malaysia Satellite.

2. MathSpace (Australia)

Based in Sydney Australia, MathSpace is a cloud-based maths learning software. Now in its trial phase for 15 schools in New South Wales and Victoria, MathSpace has a very high conversion rate among clients, and is currently a revenue generating company. MathSpace also emerged as the most promising startup at Echelon Ignite Australia.

3. MyLegalWhiz (Philippines)

Mylegalwhiz is an effective resource for lawyers and law professionals. Think of it as the Google for all things law related. The company is incubated by Kickstart, and was given seed funding by Launchgarage as part of its first batch of Garageheads in October 2012.Currently, Mylegalwhiz has about 1,300 paid subscribers from among lawyers, law students and other professionals, with subscription being set at PhP 500 (US$ 12.50) per month. MyLegalWhiz was lauded as one of the most promising startups at our Philippines Satellite.

4. NoonSwoon (Thailand)

Based in Thailand, NoonSwoon is a mobile app that introduces you to other singles who are friends of your friends. Everyday at noon, the app introduces you to your friends of friends, and if you and your match like each other, you will get connected. NoonSwoon is the runner up for our Thailand satellite and is among the recently-chosen five development teams attending AIS the Startup Boot Camp.

5. POP (Taiwan)

POP is one of the latest rising stars in Taiwan. Launched last year, POP helps designers prototype on paper by converting sketches into workable mockups. The breakout hit was also picked up by 37Signals, which then used it to prototype their recently released Basecamp iPhone app. POP recently joined Silicon Valley based AVOS and is part of 500 Startups’ latest intake.

Echelon 2013

6. Stamp (Thailand)

Stamp owns a patent-pending device that makes it easy for merchants to track customer loyalty. Stamp’s product, which is 100 percent developed and manufactured in Thailand, generates a unique code each time to prevent fraud. It is also easy for merchants to use. All they have to do is press the device onto the phone’s screen – the exact same thing they have been doing with cards. Since October 2012, Stamp has had a total of 75,000 downloads with 55 merchants on board. They emerged as the most promising startup at our Thailand Satellite.

7. TanyaDok (Indonesia)

Based in Indonesia, TanyaDok is an online health portal started by medical doctor Gregorius Bimantoro. The medical consultation site currently features over 200 doctors and medical practitioners. TanyaDok also has a comprehensive support structure and helps people to get professional and accountable medical advice online. With every consultation session archived, patients and doctors can easily access previous consultation sessions, and doctors can provide patients with the most appropriate action or advice for any medical query. TanyaDok was the most promising startup at our Indonesia Satellite.

8. TradeHero (Singapore)

TradeHero is a finance trading app launched in December 2012. To date, the company has has reached US$5 billion worth of virtual currency through 350,000 trades within its community, with a total of 50,000 registered users. T he app enables their users to practice trading with virtual money. Users can also learn from best performing traders on the in-app leaderboards. TradeHero was one of the most promising startups at our Singapore Satellite.

9. TopAdmit (Taiwan)

TopAdmit offers the editing services of its team of more than 45 English-speaking editors. Other than just pure editing, TopAdmit also aspires to expand into editing of research papers and business editing. They charge 30 cents per English word, or a retainer fee of US$500 per month. TopAdmit emerged as the most promising startup at our Japan satellite.

10. WayGo (Taiwan)

Last but not least, Waygo is a Optical character reader (OCR) translation app. Hover your smartphone camera over Chinese and instantly read it without connecting to the internet. The startup currently monetize through in-app purchases and is part of the 500 Startups accelerator batch that graduated in February earlier this year. Waygo emerged as the most promising startup at our Taiwan satellite.

If you would like to catch all these startups in action, you can head over to and grab your early bird Echelon tickets now.