Fintech is the most used buzzword in the Finance industry all over the world. In Asia, Singapore is the hottest Fintech hub. The Singapore government is keenly focusing on developing the Fintech industry which in turn increases the Fintech companies in Singapore. For every business, identifying the right influencers in their sector will be difficult. To guide the Fintech companies in Singapore, here is the list of top Fintech Influencers in Singapore.
The data are collected from their social media profiles and personal website. Happy to hear your valuable suggestions and opinions.

1. Prakash Somosundram, Founder and CEO – Pealo PTE LTD

Prakash Somosundaram is an expert in Social Media and Digital Marketing with 15 years of experience. He has been involved with Fintech seminars in the past and had started the Singapore Fintech Consortium in the year 2015. He has also been promoting the youth of Singapore. Currently, he is seeking opportunities in the areas of Pro-bono Consulting and Non-Profit Board.

2. Neal cross, MD and Chief Innovation Officer – DBS Bank

Neal Cross has over 20 years experience in the area of Financial Services, Innovation as well as Technology. He has been instrumental in designing the road map for DBS bank. This map has been helpful in creating better digital experiences for their customers. He is an advisor for many Govt. agencies as well as for Singapore’s Future Corporate and Innovation Committee.

3. Aman Narain, Head of Digital, APAC – Schroders

Aman has designed an extremely simple platform for digital banking since he is passionate about technology and design. He is also an advisor for Fintech and has a deep interest in creating and increasing value for customers with the help of business and technology innovations.

4. Slava Solodkiy, Managing Director – Life.SREDA venture capital fund

One of the well known and influential investors of Fintech, Slava Solodkiy had started the Blockchain & Banking Fund in London. He also founded the Life SREDA in 2012 and was a key investor in over 22 start-up companies in the U.K, Phillippines, Vietnam, U.S., India as well as Singapore.

5. Varun Mittal, Associate director, Asia pacific Fintech – EY

Varun Mittal is an MBA from Singapore and also an influencer for the Fintech. He handles new and upcoming trends in business and technology for ASEAN. He works closely with the startups, regulators, investors and the educational institutions all over ASEAN.

6. Scott Bales, Enterprise Business Development, APAC – Amazon Web Services

Scott Bales is known as a leader, futurist and strategist. He is also one of the main speakers for TEDX and a well-known entrepreneur. He believes in digital reforms in the mobile world. As an author of “Mobile Ready”, he is very much interested in technological advancements and aims at contributing in such innovations.

7. Stefano Covolan, Head of Marketing and Growth – Dragon Wealth Asia

Stefano Covolan is an advisor for start-ups and a known Angellist. He is also one of the main leaders for Dragon Wealth. Having been in the marketing field since 1991, he has created an app that has bridged the gap between the Fintech and the clients in Vietnam and Singapore. He now plans to explore the rest of Asia.

8. David Moskowitz, Director – Attores Pte Ltd

Having 20 years of experience, David Moskowitz is a well-known speaker, Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiast. He is also a board member of associations like Blockchain and Non-Profit Bitcoin. His experience has essentially been in the field of marketing, sales and product development

9. Christian Konig, Digital Consultant/FinTech Expert – Finanzpro Ltd

Christian Konig is a well-known speaker at Fintech and one of the top consultants for financial companies and startups from the Fintech. He is an expert in content & online marketing and digital finance. He is also a blogger and a curator for the ad as well as news.

10. George Kesselman, Co-founder/CEO – InsurTech Asia

George Kesselman is enthusiastic about Insurance and hence he encourages business ideas that contribute towards the revolution in the insurance industry. He is a well-known leader with huge experience in the area of finance as well as InsurTech.

11. Antony Lewis, Director of Research – R3, Singapore

Antony Lewis loves Blockchain technology and is the founder for He had left his job to work and research for the Blockchain and Bitcoins industry. He is today a consultant for blockchain as well as a blogger.

12. Rob Findlay, Founder – Next Money

Rob Findlay has a high level of interest in the innovation and design for upcoming industries. Rob is excited by the potential and possibilities that exist in the Asia-Pacific. He has fresh thoughts and has a creative way of looking at problems in the corporate arena.

13. Chris Doerfler, Co-founder –

Chris Doerfler is known to have in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and Cyber Security. He is currently focusing on economic and social consulting. He believes in correct application of implementing technologies in the Fintech, network access, finsery and cyber security or information. One line that describes him would be – “I’m a Doer”.

14. Shwetank Verma, Director Collab – LumenLab

Shwetank is considered as a specialist in the area of start-ups. He is known to bring in new ideas and concepts to the market and combine them with design concepts as well as entrepreneurship. Also an innovator for MetLife, he drives revenue and intends to be an intrapreneur in a large organization. His main focus is on applying new technology in the Fintech & for digital apps.

15. Augustus Loi, Senior Analyst – Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd

Having been the manager for Influence for Singapore 50, Augustus Loi is also a winner of 2015 Tyro.VC. His caption is – “Trust me, I have tons”

16. Steve Leonard, Founding CEO – SGInnovate

With 23 years experience in building Asian and European businesses in the info tech field, Steve Leonard is a well-known speaker on topics like entrepreneurship, innovation and info tech for building a nation. He is also the founding CEO of SG Innovate which aims at helping capable & ambitious people research and create ‘deep tech’ products. Due to his contribution to the Singapore-based info-tech companies, he is an advisor for National Research Foundation, Singapore.

17. Daniel Liebau, Founder – Lightbulb Capital

Daniel Liebau has an experience of 16 yrs in the field of Investment Banking Technology. He is the founder of a Research & Advisory firm called Lightbulb Capital. This firm aims at innovation in the financial services industry in Singapore as well as Hongkong. He has also been a speaker and has conducted seminars on “Innovation in Financial Services”.

18. Balasubramaniam GD, Senior Vice President, Risk Management Group CBGWM & SME – DBS Bank

With 24 years of specialized experience in the Financial Services and Banking domain, Balasubramaniam is a well-known influencer in the Fintech space. His focus has been on Platforms involved in Digital Lending, Digital Banking and Fraud Risk Management Services. Besides having experience as an internal auditor, he is also a known speaker and a trainer for many seminars and forums.

19. Bert-Jan Van Essen, CEO and Founder – Cloud consulting services Pte ltd

Bert-Jan is the founder of Dragon Wealth and has a name in the Fintech for being a game changer. E-loan, the first Fintech in Europe was also started by Bert. He has also created an online marketing tool for the Fintech advisors. He also speaks at World Economic Forum.

20. Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore Government

Sopnendu is an influencer for organizations to adopt, build and drive their operations as well as businesses through digital innovation. He is a strategist for innovation and consumer banking at a global level in the financial services. He also has patents to his name.

21. Guillermo Musumeci, Chief Technology Officer –

Having over 20 years of experience with international exposure and passion for enterprise solution development, Guillermo is a well known Cloud Architect. His expertise lies in Automation, Citrix, IoT, Windows SME and Big Data. He is an author of two different books on Citrix XenApp. He introduces himself as a ” Book lover, cloud evangelist, Mentor, Foodie, Husband & Dad, Developer, Love to create and build stuff” and he finally says – “ He loves startups”.

22. Markus Gnirck, Managing Director and Co-Founder – tryb capital

Markus Gnirck has worked along with over 100 startups and is also a board member for many Asian and European firms. He is a Fintech Booster for India and is known to be a worldwide investor. He believes in enhancing the global ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

23. Frank T Troise, Managing Director – Head of Digital Distribution & Communications (Asia) – Leonteq

Frank T Troise is an M.D. of Leonteq Securities, Singapore. He handles partner solutions, Investment solutions and Pension solutions. With 20 yrs of experience in management of portfolios worth millions of dollars, he is known as one of Asia’s top commentators and strategists in Smart Beta. He is also considered to be one amongst the top 100 Fintech’s influencers in Asia as well as one of the top 30 social media Fintech influencers of Singapore.

24. Nick Bilodeau, Head of Insurance, Canada – Amex

Nick Bilodeau, an expert in the Financial Services is also known to be the top influencer in Twitter for the Fintech. He is passionate about Strategy, Innovation and Marketing and has also written articles for the Digital banking and Retail segments.

25. Brad Paterson, VP Managing Director, Asia-Pacific – Intuit

Brad Paterson, having passion in the technology and travel industry is also an enthusiast for small businesses. Brad is also part of the great Intuit global team.

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26. Joe Seunghyun Cho, CEO – LATTICE 80

Joe Seunghyun Cho is passionate about Blockchain and Fintech development. He is the member of Singapore Fintech Association and helps the Fintech in Singapore. He is also the CEO of LATTICE 80 – one of the largest Fintech hubs in the world, based out of Singapore.

27. Tyson Hackwood, Head of Asia – Braintree

Tyson Hackwood, has a high level of interest in innovation and commercialization in Digital Commerce. He has a lot of experience in growing and identifying business channels and plans on taking the next generation payment platform to Asia.

28. Dinesh Bhatia, CEO/Founder – TradeHero

Dinesh Bhatia has strong experience in Technology, Sales, Business Processes, Strategic Consulting, Software and more. He is one of the top startup entrepreneurs. He has over 15 yrs of experience in developing start-ups for the high-tech industry.

29. Piyush Gupta, Group CEO – DBS Bank

Having 34 strong years of experience in the Financial and Banking Services, Piyush Gupta has worked with Citibank in the past. He has also worked as a CEO and in other senior management positions during this extensive career. He is a group CEO of DBS Bank & the Director of DBS Bank, Hong Kong and Islamic Bank of Asia Limited.

30. Tobias Puehse, Senior Business Leader, VP, Innovation Management-MasterCard

Selected as the young leader at World Cities Summit, Tobias Puehse is known to be an innovator. He believes that the future is made by what we do today.

31. Raghav Kapoor, CEO & Co-Founder – Smartkarma

Raghav Kapoor, is the co-founder of Smartkarma which was elected as one of the smartest fintech companies in Singapore. He has many ideas for investment. Hence he was selected as someone who generates ideas for investments in Asia.

32. Shailesh Naik, Founder and CEO – MatchMove

Shailesh Naik, the founder of Matchmove has launched the first virtual cloud-based mobile payment card along with Mastercard and Amex in Asia for the first time. His company Matchmove is known to provide an enterprise platform for the social enterprise, gamification solutions and mobile e-commerce.

33. Bruno Macedo, Senior Product Manager – Fincite GmbH

Bruno Macedo has passion in technology and innovation and loves to participate in big and challenging projects. He has an overall experience of 15 years in the Fintech, Information Systems, Banking, Finance, Analytics and Business intelligence. He is a founder, lecturer, senior executive technologist and a motivational speaker.

34. Gaurav Sharma, Executive Director – Atlantis Capital Pte Ltd

Gaurav Sharma has 16 years of product and business building experience in new and upcoming Asian markets. He has a passion for innovative technology and has operational experience in building consumer finance and mobility ventures in the Fintech in India. He is also a well-known speaker & a writer for the FinTech, Commerce, Banking, Innovation, Product, History and Entrepreneurship.

35. Shailendra Malik, Project Delivery Manager – DBS Bank

Shailendra Malik has over 13 years of strong experience in the IT, Banking treasury, Telecom BSS platform and Product Development. He is also known as a coach who has the real life experience in scale and hybrid agile methodologies.

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36. Roy Teo, Director, FinTech & Innovation Group – Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Roy Teo is the leader of the development work in the fintech ecosystem at MAS and a technology innovator in the Fintech. He aims to develop and grow the Fintech and financial services industry in Singapore. Having 20 years experience in technology risk management, IT implementations, technology audit, he is not only a well-known influencer in the Fintech but a speaker for IT as well as the Fintech industry. He is also the director of Singapore Fintech Festival, one of the biggest events in Singapore which bring over 10000 delegates from across the world. The Singapore Fintech Festival is aimed to make Singapore as one of the top Fintech Hubs in the world.

37. Jaiveer Singh, Vice president, Core Banking Technology – DBS Bank

Jaiveer Singh has over 20 years of experience in the technology, innovation and product management. He is also an advisor for Fintech startups & has a strong interest in Fintech, Financial Inclusion, Blockchain Technology, Agile Execution, Payments and Digital Banking.

38. Steve Tunstall, CEO and Co-founder -Inzsure Pte Ltd

Steve Tunstall has over 30 years of insurance, resilience, risk management experience. He has spent most of his career in P&L responsibility. He is also the co-founder of, a start-up from the InsurTech industry that helps customers purchase insurance.

39. Teemu Sorvisto, Managing Director – Confidential

Teemu sorvisto has 15 years experience in Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Partnerships & Customer Experience Design. He has worked with various start ups & MNCs. Having in-depth experience in Budget and P&L responsibilities with top organizations, he loves working for global markets. He says his goal is-”Lead and drive interesting products and companies to growth across international markets”.

40. Abraham A. Tachjian, Legal counsel – Standard Chartered Bank

A civil, common lawyer & a Fintech leader, Abraham A. TAchjian has in-depth experience in the financial services and capital markets. He provides his advice for transactions related to structured products, investment banking, debt capital markets and derivatives. His focus has been in the field of Regtech and Blockchain. Having a strong background in banking, technology as well as law, he is one of the known influencers in Fintech of Singapore.

41. Jin Kang, Vice President, Group Customer Experience, Experience Design – OCBC Bank

Jin Kang is an experienced designer for financial services. She is also the V.P, Experience Design at OCBC bank and a publisher of She is a design strategist and has a strong record of success in execution as well as a design methodology for Asian & European Banks.

42. Manoj Sugathan, Senior Director – Visa

Manoj Sugathan has 20 years experience in the Payment industry and has a strong background in Product Management, Project Management and Business Development with experience in international culture and negotiation. He also has in-depth knowledge in the banking as well as technology innovation segments with which he has grown Visa payWave into a profitable business in more than 12 countries of CEMEA region and Asia Pacific.

43. Zach Piester, Co-Founder – Intrepid Ventures

Zach Piester is an investor for early startups in the Data & Analytics, Digital Health, DLT, IoT, Sensors and Blockchain field. He is an innovator for digital transformations, growth executive and venture investments in Singapore. He has helped leverage many fortune 500 companies from the Fintech, non-financial blockchain, InsurTech, distributed ledger and from upcoming technology backgrounds. He has used his innovation & organization designing skills for such growth. He is also a well-known speaker for Blockchain, Cyber Security, Innovation, Human Factors, Organizational design and AI.

44. Bithin Talukdar, Sales Director, Application Services – CSC

Bithin Talukdar is known as the mentor for Fintech. He is also an investor and a leader in assisting start-ups as well as MNCs all over Asia Pacific in B2B. He is known to be amongst the top 100 Linkedin social influencers, a techpreneur , a market champion and the Go To person.

45. Arvin Singh, Director, New Channels – Visa

Arvin Singh has strong skills in the area of Strategy formulation, Product Management, Business Development and Project Management. He focuses on Fintech and Payments all over Asia Pacific and is amongst the top hundred social sellers of Singapore He is also the Director – New Channels & Fintech Engagement with Visa.

46. Samuel Hall, Program Director, FinTech – Startupbootcamp

Samuel Hall is currently the program director of Startupbootcamp Fintech Singapore (a leading global accelerator for early Fintech startups). He has been selecting the benefits for startups from 25000 dollars, partners, office space at FinTech hub Lattice80, access for eleven industry, collaborators, CIMB, RHB, DBS, PwC, Intesa Sanpaolo, SGInnovate, Mastercard, many VCs and over 400 investors for the Demo Day.

47. Marc Garriga Castells, Online Store Manager Singapore & Marketplace Manager – Microsoft

Marc Garriga Castells is the head marketing & sales for and his focus is in the areas of Business Development, Blockchain, E-commerce and Fintech.

48. Kunal Patel, Mentor – SuperCharger Fintech Accelerator

Kunal Patel, a practical strategist as well as a thought leader in the Financial services and the Fintech. He plays a strong role in technology, human behavior and innovation. He believes that his learning & designing does not happen in a box instead he learns continuously from the Fintech disruptor & innovator community. His mantra is to provide assistance to developing services and products that are meaningful.

49, Ravi Patel, Co-Founder – YoloPay

Ravi Patel is one of the co-founders of YoloPay which is a digital platform that supports the use multiple mobile apps for families. The apps supported by YoloPay are essentially related to convenient payment methods. Ravi Patel has a passion for the efficient use of education-based technologies for building sustainable businesses. Also, he will continue to work on several smart payment methods for organisations as well as the common man.

50. Andrew Dart, Head of Australia & New Zealand – The Digital Insurer

An innovator, senior executive and an advisor in the insurance industry of the Asia Pacific for last 30 years, Andrew Dart is passionate about technology and financial services. He is also known in the social media as the top influencer by the CSC and is ranked by Insurtech news as one of the top fifty people in the Insurtech community. He enjoys helping global communities with a better life through financial services and technology.


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