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Echelon Asia Summit 2017 is coming up and we’re excited to see you all there.

But before that, after multiple rounds of screening and judging, we are happy to announce the the second batch of 20 startups that will be pitching on the Future Stage at Echelon Asia Summit 2017!

Check out the announcement for first 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club.

From B2B to B2C, and covering a wide range of markets and industries, these startups will be showcasing their products and services in Singapore this June. Pitching to an audience consisting of investors, corporates, startups, and the tech community, the TOP100 stand a chance to win in the largest startup competition in Singapore (more on TOP100 Fight Club here).

Here is the second batch of 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club, in no particular order:

21. Ozmo @ Grokinglab

Groking Lab is a fitness technology startup founded in Hong Kong in 2015 who created Ozmo, the smart hydration platform that provides the fitness and insurance industries with actionable insights to reduce their risk. With 10 per cent of the world’s population suffering from diabetes, kidney stones, and CHF – which are highly related to the control of hydration intake – they believe that Ozmo is the solution to bring people better health with the most fundamental element of life – water.

22. Anterin

Anterin, is the first ride-hailing and on-demand courier application using auction mechanism. They provide city courier services, trucking, transportation and warehousing for companies and individuals.

23. CheQQme

CheQQme is a gamified mobile marketing platform that specialise on converting online traffic to offline walk-in foot traffic for smaller retailers.

24. ZeptoExpress

ZeptoExpress is an On-Demand Delivery Platform that allows customers to make delivery bookings at their convenience. They aim to move into a world of instant delivery and disrupt traditional courier services by guaranteeing a maximum delivery time of 3 hours. They are consistently building their analytics platform to handle thousands of deliveries everyday and implement state-of-the-art algorithms to predict consumer patterns and ensure top quality service.

25. Tourders

Tourders is an on-demand travel marketplace, bridging Asian experience seekers and sustainable tourism providers. They provide a fuss-free booking platform with a user-centric approach and strict adherence to sourcing quality partners.


SKYBIT bridges Myanmar with global ecommerce and aid without the inefficient and outdated international banking system.  They use blockchain technology to power their international payment processor that allows local merchants to receive payments, and aid organisations to accept payments and donations easily, opening up many opportunities that will bring a variety of benefits for people at all levels of society in Myanmar.

27. Garuda Technologies

Garuda is a platform for investors in Asia to allocate resources, monitor their portfolio, evaluate their performance and check for compliance/due diligence. Integrated with a layer of Artificial Intelligence with a dynamic algorithm as the startups enter different stages, Garuda seeks to automate business analytics for investors to see how companies under their portfolio scale, grow and expend their revenue based on different data sets provided.

28. Tralulu

Tralulu is a marketplace that helps local guides get connected to travelers seeking local experiences In Southeast Asia. They help local guides generate sustainable stream of revenue by connecting them to travelers and, at the same time, help travelers discover local experiences through the guides on the platform.

29. 6Connect

6Connect brings efficiency to sourcing and integration with different logistics services through a unified delivery management platform. It allows enterprises to compare prices and assign delivery jobs to multiple pre-audited courier companies.


TAG TEAM is a gaming and simulation company in the space of IoT, gaming software & hardware. They develop neural networks, hardware, and video games using AI machine learning.

31. 500 Trends Big Data Mobile

500Trends is a mobile marketplace for Fashion that solves the massive problem of customer loyalty in eCommerce by leveraging machine learning and big data. Their proprietary algorithm works to as a data-driven personalisation mechanism to match each user to products based on their previous choices.

32. Travelease

Travelease is an activity marketplace that lists deals for attraction and leisure activities  per city. The app provides a listing of deals from dining to nightlife, as well a capability to book deals and  instantly receive e-tikets or QR codes that the user only need to show the merchants to redeem the activity without queueing. Travelease also acts as a travel and/or activity manager that automatically sends reminders and directions to booked events through the app, syncs to calendar, and securely store important travel documents such as visas and passports for easy access.

33. Sentbe

Sentbe is an international money transfer fintech company that tackles the issue of expensive, slow, and inconvenient traditional money transfer services, which have caused economic/ social problems for overseas foreign workers and students worldwide. Using blockchain and pooling technology, they provide a cheaper, faster, and more convenient way to make international transfers, with current service corridors from Korea to Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and soon, China, Thailand, Nepal.

34. HelloWings

HelloWings is a cross-budget airline flight search providing creative flight combinations for SEA market. They provide price comparison of different airlines – for both single and multi-segment flights – as well as provides a visual graph of whole-year price trends to provide users with lowest price at a glance.


AIRPORTELs provide luggage delivery service between airport, hotels, and shopping centers in Thailand, allowing travelers to immediately travel around upon arrival to Bangkok unencumbered by luggage.

36. Indie Dish

Indie Dish is a meal delivery service that offers healthy meals prepared fresh by over 60 independent vendors across Bangkok.

37. YogaTrail

YogaTrail connects people with their personal yoga world. For yoga professionals, the platform helps them to manage their classes and appointments, communicate with their students, and market their services.

38. FindYourSpace

FindYourSpace Pro provides a complete online end-to-end workflow for real-estate agents through both web and mobile. Agents can manage their complete real-estate inventory in one central location, while having their listings automatically published to their own company website, leading regional and international websites, and can als quickly find properties managed by other brokers and easily collaborate. Brokers can also efficiently manage their listings and agents in one platform, and make sure that the responsible agents follow up on the leads assigned to their properties.

39. provides a SaaS booking and business management platform to transport operators in over 50 countries around the world. Built on top of this operator network is a Global Booking Network and API that allows other businesses requiring group transport services to access instant pricing and bookings.

40. Wedidit Solutions

Wedidit Solutions is a phygital branding solution that helps brands talk, listen, understand and care for their retail consumers, with the goal of increasing sales with better branding and service. Businesses are provided with a portal to load content for specific products and tags, opening up a 2-way phygital channel where they get insights about demographics, purchase locations, communication with consumers, manage incentives, loyalty programs, warranties and more. Consumers will have in-store and post purchase experiences accessible via any QR reader in their own language, issue complaints and feedback to manufacturers and share with friends.

Watch out for more announcements on the remaining TOP100 Fight Club startups soon!

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