TOP100 Fight Club startups

A week before Echelon Asia Summit 2017 and all hands are on deck to bring you Asia’s best tech conference!

First 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club

But before that, we’re announcing the fourth batch of startups that made it through multiple rounds of screening and judging and  will be pitching for TOP100 Fight Club.

Second 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club

From B2B to B2C, and covering a wide range of markets and industries, these startups will be showcasing their products and services in Singapore this June. Pitching to an audience consisting of investors, corporates, startups, and the tech community, the TOP100 stand a chance to win in the largest startup competition in Singapore (more on TOP100 Fight Club here).

Third 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club

Here is the fourth batch of 20 startups of TOP100 Fight Club, in no particular order:

61. Codemojo

Codemojo runs the World’s first ML driven rewards network that unlocks user engagement and acquisition through instant gratificaton, and brings brands and app & website publishers on a single platform.

62. IndiQus Technologies

IndiQus helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by building solutions that enable smarter convergence of technology. They provide infrastructure, smart technology, and business intelligence solutions to telcos, managed service providers and enterprises through a wide range of services for businesses to successfully scale and monetise their cloud offerings.

63. Kristal

Kristal is a multi-country licensed Asset Management platform that uses AI to match independent portfolio managers with under-served mass affluent investors; and delivers API based portfolio management at low cost along with great convenience and transparency.

64. Smart Trade

Smart Trade is a quantitative trading platform which allows engineers to develop, use and share trading algorithms. Using the web app, engineers are able to develop algorithms to evaluate artificial intelligence estimates as well as financial indicators.

65. Keypair

Keypair has developed the world’s first NFC based HSM using a smartcard IC chip to establish an integrated system for electronic financial transactions. Keypair has been chosen by 75% Banks in Korea to provide authentication services, and now supports authentication services based on PKI and Blockchain for Bitcoin and IOT industry.

66. Komachine

Komachine is the only machine online platform in Korea, connecting more than 40,000 machine suppliers from Korea with over 3 million global buyers. The platform supports 4 languages, allowing machine suppliers to access to a global market.

67. Tiger Company

With its flagship brand TIGRIS –  an enterprise social networking and collaboration platform – Tiger Company offers an intranet software that combines collaboration and communication tools into one unified platform in one secure site.

68. DraVA

DraVA aspires to be the digital motor insurance platform to transform the relationship between insurance companies and drivers; to benefit both parties while improving road safety. The DraVA platform will create trust between both insurance companies and drivers by enabling transparency in risk and pricing.

69. SpareParts3D

Spare Parts 3D is a start-up providing manufacturers with services that enable on-demand and distributed production of spare parts using 3D Printing. Manufacturers, especially in the home appliance sector, would have access to good-quality and affordable spare parts, ensuring less downtime in manufacturing and increase customer satisfaction.

70. Variantz

Variantz is a Converged IoT Application Ecosystem that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn user personas and optimise their home and living experiences seamlessly, saving time and money with most convenience across the Residential, Health & Wellness sector.

71. Zeemart

Zeemart is Singapore’s first B2B platform for the Horeca industry, with a mission to enable businesses to make smarter purchasing decisions. Zeemart connects buyers and suppliers through a mobile application, making discovery, purchasing and communicating more powerful and easier. With a wide selection of products from fresh supplies to kitchen equipment, Zeemart aims to be a one-stop shop fro hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

72. AIDentify

AIDENTIFY provides a deep learning based car health monitoring solution by analysing digital images, videos and various time-series signals from IoT sensors. The smart car solution detects abnormal signals from OBD2 in cars and alerts drivers for checkup.

73. GoodWillHunting

GoodWillHunting offers mobile and web applications and services such as Pollide – a consumer research lock screen that lets users collect money as they swipe to unlock their smartphones – and Beautech – a video commerce platform for teaching makeup skills and selling their cosmetics related with K-beauty.

74. Jameasy

Jameasy is a solution to tear down the barriers to learning a new musical instrument with advanced technology. It is based on advanced software and hardware technology to change the boring practice to game-like playing, along with useful feedback.

75. Jobis & Villains

A cloud bookkeeping and tax advisory service combined web and mobile-based system and tax accountants’ network. They are developing a technology structure to improve the efficiency of processing attachments and financial data of clients, which would be analysed to produce a forecast of SME clients’ financial data and provide compact business intelligence platform to assist in decision-making.


Luxrobo’s MODI is a modular system for DIY robotics – just connect and create something with MODI modules. MODI studio, MODI’s intuitive Drag&Drop coding tool, is optimised for modules and allows users to easily create their own IoT devices in minutes without expert knowledge.

77. Riverti

Riverti develops sterilisers that provide a clean and comfortable living environment free of germs, virus, and bacteria.

78. MoshiMori

MoshiMori utilises cloud computing technology to integrate and manage business flow of omni-channel retailing and online-to-offline (O2O) commerce into MoshiMori Retail Backend as a Service (RBaaS)

79. Doong

Doong is a home rental network that tackles housing crisis faced by millennials across big cities in Vietnam. They have created a simple and quick way for housing search, with a smart roommate search algorithm, verified listings, in-app messaging, and soon the ability to pay rent, all within one platform.

80. Swememo

Swememo is an online marketplace where clients can book photography services, providing photographers with a platform to boost their business by reaching more potential clients and using modern CRM system.

Watch out for more announcements on the remaining TOP100 Fight Club startups soon!

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