Partnering with Korean chat company Kakao was quite a big deal for Indonesia’s venture-backed Touchten Games, the company behind Jumpin’ Apeach, available only in Bahasa Indonesia and on the Android platform. The game was the first to sport Kakao’s official cartoon mascots.

The two parties had met in Indonesia last year after Kakao contacted a number of developers for potential partnerships, according to Anton Soeharyo, CEO and Co-founder, Touchten.

The entrepreneur added that Kakao’s main objective is to increase the chat app’s user base in Indonesia through games. As for Touchten, the partnership acted to drum awareness for the Indonesian company’s other games without requiring an exorbitant marketing budget.

“Quality assurance,” said Soeharyo, was also factored into his decision to develop a game for Kakao. “They (Kakao) are more experienced in game launching,” he added. Thus, the game shouldn’t be too bad if Kakao gave it the green light.

Most smartphone gamers feel that way too, judging from the reviews on the Google Play store. Since its launch last week, the game has garnered 468 reviews with an average score of nearly four and a half stars.

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However, the game could definitely do a lot better, should it have been launched on iOS and in English. Soeharyo noted that Kakao had wanted the game to be available on more low-end devices to reach a bigger market.

The chat app’s interest in Indonesia — the largest country in Southeast Asia — should have been no surprise; it probably wants to get rid of Japanese rival LINE, who’s happily enjoying success with 20 million users in the archipelago, as of April 2, 2014. According to a spokesperson from Kakao, the company has 16 million to 17 million users in Indonesia.

“They (Kakao) care about the market that they assigned a new division to overlook this new project,” added Soeharyo.