Yura and her collection of armor types for her endless marathon. Image credit: Touchten Games

Yura and her collection of armor types for her endless marathon. Image credit: Touchten Games

Touchten Games, the Indonesian mobile game developer behind Ramen Chain and Sushi Chain Lite, is halfway through creating a sci-fi themed endless runner that pays tribute to the classic 2D run-and-gun platforming Mega Man games created by Capcom. Its new game is called Project Brilliant Girl, and it has an ace up its sleeve: Manami Matsumae.

For those not in the know, Manami Matsumae is a Japanese video game composer well-known for creating the infectious music of the first Mega Man game. Here’s a sample of what she composed back in the late 80s.

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Catchy, huh? Matsumae’s recent work is the music to the retro-styled 2D platformer Shovel Knight, so it’s not like she just came out of retirement. Touchten said that she was commissioned to compose three tracks and sound effects for Project Brilliant Girl. This marks her first time to collaborate with a Southeast Asian game development team.

Anton Soeharyo, CEO, Touchten, said to e27 that having Matsumae on board is a good step for the Indonesian indie game development scene because of her reputation among gaming fans. “She’s done music for Mega Man and Shovel Knight, and also the upcoming Mighty No. 9. That’s enough to get a lot of people paying attention to Project Brilliant Girl,” he added.

What’s it about?
A bit about the game: you control a cat girl space cop called Yura Anders who has to run endlessly shooting bad guys along the way. She has access to an assortment of weapons that can charge up Mega Man style like a handgun or a futuristic assault rifle. She also can put on armor types that shrug off some damage and give her different movement and power-up properties.

There will be three stages players will need to tackle. Once a player meet certain goals in a stage, they can proceed on to the next. These may include shooting a number of bad guys, collecting particular objects, or even defeating one of the three bosses without dying.

What got Touchten up and at ’em with a Mega Man-esque endless runner?
The inspiration for Project Brilliant Girl comes from one famous Japanese developer: Keiji Inafune, a pioneer from Capcom and the man responsible for the company’s continued existence of Mega Man. Inafune left Capcom at 2010 and then started a company called Comcept.

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In 2013, he made an announcement that he and his team will create a spiritual successor to Mega Man called Mighty No. 9, a 2D platformer with 3D graphics with Matsumae to do the music. The Kickstarter project was a resounding success as it amassed US$3.8 million within 30 days. That got Anton Soeharyo thinking: why not collaborate with Keiji Inafune and Comcept to do a mobile version? After all, Touchten’s expertise has always been on freemium games on iOS and Android platforms.


An example of what powerups Yura has while running the endless road for a greater high score. Image credit: Touchten Games

Alas, it could not happen because Inafune did not reply back to Touchten at all. From there, the Touchten team decided to not wait around for an answer and proceeded to do their own tribute to Capcom’s blue cannon-wielding mascot and Comcept’s successor. “I was inspired by what Inafune was trying to do,” said Soeharyo. “We were frustrated that we couldn’t team up with him, so we decided to create our own 2D platformer-style game; we were heavily inspired by Mega Man in getting the look and feel of Project Brilliant Girl,” he added. Touchten started creating the game since May of this year.

It’s a free-to-play game. How are microtransactions like?
The game will run on the ‘gashapon’ system, where items you buy with real money will be given out in a random set. These range from different types of guns that players cannot get anywhere else, even with playing the game a hundred times.

With more updates planned after launch (a common thing in free-to-play mobile games nowadays), there will be new events where players can get special armor either for free or for a set discount. Apart from that, new levels and a new playable character will be introduced.

Why F2P though?
Touchten said this is pretty much the standard for all games in Southeast Asia, and globally to a certain extent. “These days, with F2P, the barrier of entry is much more open. If we make it a premium game, people will back off and withdraw because they’re expected to pay something to enjoy the game. We want to avoid that situation,” Soeharyo noted.

Having said that, Touchten does intend to go the premium game route someday. Right now, it’s attempting to rope in as many players and fans as it can with the F2P model.

So when is it out?
Soeharyo said that Project Brilliant Girl will be out this November. Fans of endless runners who want to play something akin to the good old days of 2D platforming with anime-style graphics can look forward to Touchten’s 2014 ode to Mega Man.


Zero Suit Yura? Image credit: Touchten Games