NEWS TECHNOLOGY now enables mobile gaming broadcasting on smartphones

Streaming platform will allow developers to incorporate video sharing into smartphone and tablet titles

By Jonathan Toyad

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Without services like, people all around the world wouldn’t be able to watch live gaming events and even game playthroughs (with possibly insightful commentary) from the comfort of their computers and TVs. But what about streaming games on your phone or tablet, and maybe saying your piece while struggling with the intricacies of Threes?

That’s going to change now, as the livestream platform company announced that it has released the Twitch mobile software development kit. This allows smartphone and tablet game devs incorporate live broadcasting functionality into their games. The kit will give developers the option to allow capturing, broadcasting and archiving mobile game video and audio on the portable devices. Furthermore, it allows video capture from front-facing cameras and audio captures from a microphone to record commentary.

Check out the diagram below to see how it all pans out:

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Seeing as how big is in the gaming community and video content is evolving how writers cover the subject matter, this is a huge boon for the mobile game-making industry. Though to be fair, other non-direct streaming programs such asĀ EveryPlay and Kamcord have been used to capture and share mobile gameplay.

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