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San Francisco-based ride sharing mobile app giant Uber has just announced the launch of its latest service UberCARGO in Hong Kong.

It is touted by Uber as “an easy way to cover on-demand logistical needs without complicated and costly delivery arrangements”.

UberCARGO will work via Uber’s main app and will allow users to select a pick-up point, track the van as it reaches them, and either load and transport just goods in the vehicle or ride along.

The charge for the delivery will be according to the distance just like a metered taxi. In Hong Kong, the minimum amount is HK$40 (US$5).

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However, it’s surprising that Uber has chosen to launch UberCARGO in Hong Kong of all places. After all, the country is home to both EasyVan and GoGoVan, startups that offer similar functionality to UberCARGO. Both companies have been expanding aggressively in the region and have also just secured funding, with EasyVan completing a US$10 million round just a few days ago. In fact, both the services are sometimes called the ‘Uber of logistics’.

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