SoftBank Capital, a venture group affiliated to Japan’s SoftBank Corporation, has just announced a US$250 million investment fund that will help early stage companies looking to enter tough Asian markets like China and Japan. SoftBank Capital’s Matt Krna told SD Japan that the average investment size for the fund will be in the range of US$10 to US$20 million, with the ability to consider larger amounts if the right situation is presented.

This latest fund announced, named the PrinceVille Investment Fund, will be targeted mainly at early-stage US-based companies. However, the fund will also consider startups from Asia or Europe if they can find “category-leading companies” that can accelerate their growth. The fund will look at companies in the social media, mobile applications, e-commerce, online advertising, gaming and cloud computing space.

In the press release, Ron Fisher, managing partner of SoftBank Capital said, “We are excited to launch the PrinceVille Fund as a complement to our early stage investment efforts which have been ongoing for some time. SoftBank Capital now has the capacity to partner with technology companies and entrepreneurs at all stages of their life cycle. We can offer companies and entrepreneurs the best of both of what a strategic investor and an experienced, committed financial investor can bring to these companies on their journey to success.”