Business brands nowadays leverage on social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with potential clients and customers. While these channels are very effective in reaching out to users, it might not be effective for B2B brands which aim to reach out to other businesses and brands. 

Cyfler, a B2B social network based in Singapore, aims to fill in that gap.

With Cyfler, you can create a profile page for your business, inputing information such as what your company does and what are the products and services you offer. The Cyfler platform also has an “Intelligent Discovery Engine” that links your company’s needs to others that can meet them. You’ll be able to see and bookmark businesses that can address an unmet need in your startup, effectively bridging businesses to businesses.

Here’s an introductory video of Cyfler:

On top of that, we also spoke to cofounder Anton Widodo to find out more about the B2B site.

Could you share with us some stats and number of listings which you have right now?

Total registrants now since official launch on 11th November last year stands at 3,182. (at the time I write). We have the highest number of listings from Indonesia, the United States, Spain, India, Singapore and many more.

How does Cyfler fair in terms of user reach and effectiveness as compared to other online directories and search engines?

How Cyfler differentiates from the other search engine is: we allow users to initiate contacts to others. When buyers are looking for what they sell, we inform the seller too. Search engines and conventional business directories have failed in doing this, resulting in each business profile becoming a passive entity, creating the idea of “nobody reaches out to me, and I have no idea who is looking for me too”.

Are you familiar with Facebook where you can post update and everyone in your network will see? With Cyfler, our users can do that too. If they post an offer and broadcast it to different industries,they can instantly reach out to everyone in that particular industry. For instance, if they choose to broadcast their messages to users from the retail industry, all the other users from that industry will be notified instantly.

SWOT analysis for Cyfler

Could you run through the steps of how Cyfler works?

We have a dashboard to allow users to manage their business contacts, accessing opportunities, dropping messages to others, posting needs/offers, etc. You can find the slides below.

Yes, it’s free and we intend to keep it free forever. However, we allow users to upgrade their membership, something similar to LinkedIn’s premium membership. Users can also create ads for their businesses to get extra exposure.

What Cyfler users say about the platform

While some might be skeptical about whether Cyfler actually works or not, Anton referred us to Terence, founder of Acelines Resources whom managed to leverage on Cyfler to get more business leads. Terence shared that they are a trading company and he personally find the Cyfler to have given them the opportunity to expose their products and services world wide and connecting both potential buyers and suppliers. “Under Cyfler’s “My clan” section, I find it extremely useful as it helps to zoom into our target audience which we have the choice who we would like to connect. This is very useful as it eliminate unnecessary links and at one glance we have an idea where they from and what they do. Currently we are getting 8-10 responds per week and we are happy with it.”

Featured Image Credits: The Chris Voss Show