We have chosen some gift ideas for your geeky partner so you can be original, yet thoughtful and romantic at the same time.

Voice Authenticated USB Drive1. The Only Voice Authenticated USB Drive

Something that could possibly be out of a Bond movie, this USB Drive secures its contents with a password spoken by its owner. With an 8 GB capacity for storing sensitive files, the drive’s sophisticated patent pending voice recognition software detects the specific frequencies and nuances of its owner’s voice. Requiring no software installation, operation is as simple as plugging it into a USB port and speaking a password – once authenticated; you can access stored files from your computer. Alternate secure entry is provided in the event of a cold, laryngitis, or a forgotten voice password.

Multi-coloured pop phone handsets

2. Pop Phone Handset

A handset that can be plugged into any device with an aux input, this is not only a statement piece but ensures that your next phone call would not involve you having to press your face against your phone just to hear more clearly. If you are a believer of the brain damage that phone radiation can cause, this handset can solve that instantly too. A fashion piece and a life saver, this gift can kill two birds with a stone!

A Coke can in a USB Beverage Cooler3. USB Beverage Cooler

A mini cooler that can hold one can of beverage, and keep it chilled at 10 degrees centigrade by plugging it to the computer, this device will definitely be a good “destresser” for your partner while he or she is hard at work. The retro-styled red and white colour of this cooler can also double up as a decoration piece on the work desk.

a hand using a crayon like stylus on a iphone4. A Crayon Stylus

A funky creatively disguised stylus that looks like a crayon, this device is not only useful and functional, it helps you keep your screen free of greasy fingerprints. Plus, using these conversation-starters might even help liven up stuffy classrooms or office meetings.

Model wearing a at-at love t-shirt5. At-At Love T-shirt

Available in Women and Men sizes in both V and crew neck cuttings, these All Terrain Armored Transports were supposed to be on a mission to bring down the Rebel’s shield generator but went on their own mission instead – the mission of love!

Based on a reality show by the Robot Fighting League that features eight-foot-tall state-of-the-art humanoid robots fighting each other in a boxing ring, the T-shirt design is a whimsical twist on some geeky wrestling action that makes it perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift too.

A person trying to decipher a secret message6. A Secret Decoder Ring

A ring that lets you code secret messages in it, this makes it a fun gift as your partner decodes the message while twisting the interlocking bands to reveal the code. While it isn’t the best looking accessory, it is possibly the most fun one that will bring you both some good laughters.