New technologies and innovations are being churned in all fields around the world, most of them in education. Thanks to strong technological development, e-learning systems not only save time and effort but also have positive effects in learning. E-learning has long been a hot trend within the realm of ever-continuing development in education.

Workforce in information technology is in abundance in Vietnam, due to high level of education and intelligence. However, developers in Vietnam have not had the opportunities to use and apply modern technologies and obtain training from leading experts in this area.

To get up to speed with this global trend, accelerator Topica EdTech has initiated the project Topica EdTechLab which gives developers in Vietnam the chance to test and apply the latest technologies in the Southeast Asian education space.

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This is a golden opportunity for developers who are interested in EdTech and are willing to lead in developing applications on Oculus, Hololens, Telepresence Robot, Drones, 3D Printing and other hardware tech. In addition, they can also be taught by more than 30 leading professionals (CTO/CIO) in Vietnam and the region to write applications for millions of students in Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand and Vietnam.

With challenges come opportunities. With the hot trend of EdTech in Asia and in the world presently, competition and innovation in technology are taking place round the clock. Developing technologies and application softwares will be closely scrutinized by experts and learners.

The accelerator will be running a seminar to answer questions of on how to apply hardware tech in the field of education. While driving algorithm controlled cars become better than humans, are there any algorithms or technology that are better than teachers?

How can Flipped classrooms, Adaptive learning, and Gamification help millions of people to learn more effectively? What are the opportunities for developers in this hot trending area of E-learning? Learn more EdTechLab here.

The author is the Founder of Hub.IT, a Hanoi-based incubator and co-working space.

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