Greengar, a Vietnam and US-based mobile application development team has launched its latest real-time collaboration tool, Smartboard. Having been in the business of building mobile real-time collaboration tools since launching their first app, Whiteboard, in 2009, the Greengar team has built on over four years of experience to provide users with a way to work seamlessly together on their respective mobile devices.

Smartboard expands on the original Whiteboard application, which has been downloaded over eight million times on iOS, Android and Mac devices. The new application allows cross-device and cross-platform collaboration across iOS, Android and Mac and allows deeper integration with third-party services to facilitate sharing in the business and education space.

While Whiteboard allows only two devices on the same platform to connect with each other, Smartboard will expand this capability to have up to five devices from different platforms collaborate on the same project. This allows Smartboard to be used in meetings and conferences where sketches and notes can be shared across the room and the final products saved on services such as Box, Evernote and Google Drive or broadcasted on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Smartboard save and share services

Smartboard allows finished sketches and notes to be save to Google Drive, Evernote and Box.

Greengar is also the only team from Asia selected as a Top 10 Finalist for the PITCH SF 2013 Startup Competition at the Women 2.0 Conference. Co-founder Truong Thanh Thuy will be pitching Smartboard at the event held on 14th February 2013. Smartboard is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. The launch also plays along with a Valentine’s Day theme by positioning Smartboard as a platform where iOS meets Android. Check out Greengar’s promotional video for Smartboard below.