Vikraman Ilango
Founder SELLinALL


An entrepreneur who has ideated, designed, architected and coded SAAS cloud based e-commerce product SELLinALL which has won the top 10 best startups of Echelon 2015.
Been a solution architect with design, implementation and integration experience thriving in the industry for 12 years.
Been the lead for providing architecture and end to end implementation of various products in PayPal system with communication across 8-10 teams comprising of more than 30 members distributed across various parts of the globe.
Marketed technology ideas within PayPal to get funding and delivered various technical initiatives with product funding.
Possess complete knowledge and experience of how PayPal works from a user Pay click to end of day batches to how actual money is moved between banks and the risk & compliance involved in all of them as I worked in most of the teams with in PayPal.
Played the role of doing the first wave of recruitment in Singapore coordinating various recruitment agencies and conducting interviews and shortlisting the candidates.
Domain technical lead for 4 Domains consecutively for a period of 4.5 years.
Did various knowledge transitions and acquisitions by traveling to various regions of PayPal.
Strong coding experience using java, spring, and C++.
Singapore Permanent Resident




Oct, 2014 ‑ Present

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