VMware Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions has just announced its new partnership with SingTel to provide cloud computing infrastructure based on VMware’s Cloud infrastructure Management Suite.

SingTel’s winning proposal of leveraging on end-to-end virtualization solutions from VMware’s comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Suite built on VMware vSphere® has led it to clinch the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)’s five-year tender to deploy a private cloud computing infrastructure on a whole-of-government basis.

“The Singapore Government has embraced virtualization as a key transformative technology at the heart of the next era of computing, and we are thrilled that SingTel has been awarded this pioneering opportunity to deploy a private cloud computing infrastructure based on VMware’s Cloud Infrastructure Management Suite,” said Andrew Dutton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, VMware Asia Pacific and Japan. “This win marks an important milestone in our long-standing relationship with SingTel, and speaks to our shared belief that migration to cloud can drive transformation change, and offer the flexibility to use on- and off-premise resources in a secured fashion.”

Cloud computing has been the talk of the town in recent years. By leveraging on it, government IT departments can transform into efficient, flexible entities that can respond faster to the needs of policy makers, agencies and constituents while reducing infrastructure and operating costs.

VMware’s provision of the same cloud infrastructure to both government agencies and service providers enables secure interoperability between private and public clouds—bringing all of the benefits of a hybrid cloud approach. Created based on open standards with a global partner network of public cloud providers, VMware solutions allow public sector IT teams to move applications and data between clouds quickly and easily.

“VMware is SingTel’s partner of choice for the landmark G-Cloud tender due to its proven virtualization and cloud solutions. We are committed to developing and delivering a G-Cloud offering that facilitates the standardization and sharing of computing resources and applications across government agencies. VMware’s G-Cloud solutions will enable all organs of the government to develop, deploy and scale up applications with greater agility, lower capital and operating costs, strengthen security and ensure business continuity,” said Bill Chang, SingTel’s Managing Director, Business Group, Group ICT.

As a move to accelerate the Singapore Government’s adoption of cloud computing, this announcement also builds on the successful partnership between the two companies around SingTel PowerON Compute – an on-demand enterprise hybrid cloud solution powered by VMware vCloud Datacenter Services that is designed to enable customers to fully utilize their current IT infrastructure investments and benefit from the pay-as-you-use model.