A recent 500 Startups alumnus, Waygo’s visual translator works using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The app translates Chinese characters into English text by seeing images, finding relevant text in its lexicon, and creating phrases out of them in the second language. What is interesting is that you do not need an internet connection for the translation to work.

Waygo is also emerged as the Most Promising Startup at Echelon 2013 earlier in June.

The US$900,000 round is participated by 500 Startups, AngelVest, Golden Gate Ventures, as well as a handful of angel investors. With this financing, Waygo will add a Korean-to-English translator and release its long awaited Android version. Travelers looking to travel to Japan can expect the Japan-to-English translation soon as the team demo-ed their Japanese translation app earlier at Echelon 2013.

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There is limited translations usage for its free version, while the full app costs US$14.99, which provides you unlimited translations. The app is currently available at a promotion rate of US$4.99. Waygo has more than 45,000 total downloads to date.