China-based mobile chat app WeChat has today released Q1 2014 data which shows the service gaining significant popularity in Asia Pacific. Compared to the previous year, there was a 1104 per cent increase in the number of active users.

The research was conducted by GlobalWebIndex, a market research company with a focus on online consumer behaviours.

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According to the release, WeChat has pinpointed India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines as a few of the fastest growing markets in Asia Pacific. Additionally, the company has seen a 503 per cent surge in the number of users in Singapore between Q1 2013 and Q1 2014.

Here are Q1 2014 WeChat figures for the five fast-growing markets in Asia Pacific:

India: 27.78 million active users/1,774.2 per cent
Indonesia: 10.6 million active users/1,093.6 per cent
Philippines: 3.85 million active users/2,819.6 per cent
Hong Kong: 1.29 million active users/142.7 per cent
Malaysia: 4.66 million active users/1,331.7 per cent

The full report can be obtained here.