PayPal has released a list of some very interesting online shopping trends that took place in Singapore over the past Christmas period. In an earlier study, PayPal forecasted Singapore’s online shopping to reach S$4.4 billion in 2015. This past Christmas, nearly seven out of 10 Singaporean said using their mobile devices would be faster and more convenient because they could make a transaction “anytime, anywhere.”

According to PayPal Southeast Asia and India’s managing director, Elias Ghanem, in a press release, “Online shopping has become mainstream, especially during the festive season as many Singaporeans skipped the long queues, searched online for great deals, and bought gifts from the comfort of their homes. This was the first festive season for mobile shopping to become popular as Singaporeans reached for their smartphones and tablets to enjoy the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere. Interestingly, Singaporeans planned well ahead for the festive online shopping in late November whereas mobile shopping was widely used for purchases the week before Christmas.”

Some of the interesting trends observed by PayPal over the festive seasons includes:

  • Mobile shopping sales saw the biggest jump on Sunday, December 4, 2011 (compared to Saturday, December 5, 2011) highlighting that many Singaporeans started buying gifts via their smartphones and tablets on the first weekend of December.
  • However, the busiest mobile shopping date was December 19, 2011 showing that many Singaporeans rushed to buy gifts last-minute via their mobile devices just in time for Christmas.
  • Popular mobile shopping sites this festive season included: Lifestyle products (,, handbag rentals (, travel insurance (, pet supplies (, group deals (,,, fashion ( and baby products (
  • The busiest festive online shopping date was Monday, November 28,2011 showing that many Singaporeans bought their festive gifts well in advance to benefit from online deals on ‘Cyber Monday 2011’.