GigaOm: Seriously, who would really want to buy MySpace? – following the news that MySpace is cutting 47% of its workforce, it comes to no surprise that its owners News Corp. want to flog off the once-giant of the social networking world.  But it has few potential investors, say Bobbie Johnson, with MySpace’s 65 million users pale in comparison with Facebook’s users, nor does it have the utility of LinkedIn. (JL)

GigaOm: Only $50B? Facebook Stock Is Still a Steal: Tech News and Analysis – A forward PE of 42-50 puts Facebook in line with Amazon, Baidu and Netflix. Looks cheap on that basis! (WJI)

Asymco: More than 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device sold – Apps could overtake music as the main downloaded item on iOS devices. (WJI)

Channel NewsAsia: PM Lee says S’pore aims to be high-tech society – Singapore’s Prime Minister says Facebook and Groupon are attracted by Singapore’s high-tech environment — but they only opened sales offices here! (WJI)

The Malaysian Insider: Malaysian PM calls for more rules on Internet – Government regulation in the Malaysian Internet space looks increasingly likely when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said on Thursday that unrestricted access to negative influences on the Internet would threaten Asian values. “Our children and future generations of Asean should retain their Asian cultural values and they must be protected from the threats on the Internet,” he said at the 10th Asean Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting. (JL)

Apple Insider: Apple issues iOS 4.3 beta with Personal Hotspot, new multitouch gestures – Apple on Wednesday released the iOS 4.3 beta for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The update brings support for Personal Hotspot, new multi-touch gestures, and the ability for third-party applications to use AirPlay. Interestingly, Apple appears to have backed down on their mute-switch policy for the iPad, with a software option for changing the functionality of the iPad hardware switch included in iOS4.3. (JL)

Read it Later: The iPad is changing the way we read – The makers of the Read it Later app — an Instapaper competitor — carried out an interesting analysis on how iPad owners are turning away from reading Web articles on the computer in favour of mobile devices like the iPad. (JL)

Jakarta Post: RIM will ‘abide by law’ and give back – The standoff between Research in Motion (RIM) and the Indonesian government came to a quick conclusion after RIM’s managing director for Southeast Asia Gregory Wade said that RIM would filter pornographic content on BlackBerry devices and would cooperate with operators to ensure that the filtering would not disrupt connectivity to customers. (JL)