Touchten Games has made news again with their latest game launched on August 3. The Indonesia-based independent games studio’s time management title Ramen Chain is now the number one free app on the iOS platform in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. In Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, it has also gained popularity in terms of becoming one of the top five free apps on the iOS platform.

Anton Soeharyo, CEO of Touchten Games, shared that it took them eight months to research, understand and produce this title. Flurry, an analytical service, revealed that today alone, there are over 46,000 daily active users. Anton also added that the game hit 30,000 downloads in just 48 hours, and will probably see a peak this weekend with it topping the charts.

“Well, weekends are when people stop schooling and start playing. Since our game is number one, I was hoping during the weekend, girls and boys across the region will have their devices (that was previously confiscated by their parents) out of the shelf and start rummaging through the top games to download,” said Anton.

This is definitely not the first title Touchten has done which is related to Japanese cuisine. Anton conveyed that generally, food sells. He added, “Ever since the success of Sushi Chain, we knew that gamers in the Asian market, especially the SEA region loves to play games related to food. We waited four years to add a new franchise to our food chain series of games, the wait was worthwhile. You cannot rush quality, and I am happy with the enormously positive reviews by users of Ramen Chain. I am sure we will create more of these food time management game for our fans in the very near future.”

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What I really liked was the storyline. Young Hyori wants to be a famous ramen chef but no one wants to hire an inexperienced village girl who’s spent most of her growing up years with fisherfolk. Hungry and forlorn, she catches a glimpse of a ramen restaurant tucked in a corner on an inconspicuous street. After receiving a free meal from the owner, she realized that it was the “most legendary ramen” she has ever eaten (and she has eaten a lot of ramen). Bursting with joy, she asked the owner for a job and he agreed to make her his prodigy.

The user interface of this game definitely beats their older title Train Legend by a million times, and I feel that Touchten has stepped up to really treat the gaming scene in Asia seriously.

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