Which Asia-based companies made it to 500 Startups' Batch 10?

Twenty nine startups made the cut this time. Special mention to YogaTrail, Shopline and Shakr. Congratulations!

By Elaine Huang


US-based accelerator programme 500 Startups today announced its 10th batch of companies. This time, there are 29 participating startups.

Here is the full list:

Out of the 29, there are also a few that are based in Asia, regardless of place of incorporation, including Korea-based video ad maker Shakr, Hong Kong-based online shop creator Shopline and Thailand-based platform for yoga enthusiasts YogaTrail. For the record, Shopline and YogaTrail have both participated in e27’s flagship tech conference Echelon.

Raymond Yip, CEO, Shopline, said in an official statement, “The support of the numerous advisors and mentors at 500 would help us further our product and methodologies at light speed. While we are taking this as a big win for Shopline, we understand that our ultimate goal is to build a product that brings real value to our customers.”

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  • YogaTrail
    YogaTrail Thailand YogaTrail is a yoga network where people find, follow, and connect with yoga teachers, studios, and yoga retreats - all around the world.

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