Photo: Mobiletor.com

Statistics on mobile consumer patterns shows that male mobile gamers, age 25 to 34, spend more time and money. The average male mobile gamers transaction is about US$15.60.

With the high growth of mobile penetration, especially in Asia, we at e27 thought it’s about time we took a look at some significant mobile usage stats based on users’ gender. Combining information based on a study done by Flurry Analytics and other sources, here are some interesting statistics and trends.

Time spent according to gender and age


Looking at freemium gaming on the mobile, the time spent by both male and female users are similar, with the majority of freemium gamers between the ages of 13-34.

Consumer spending on mobile freemium games


However, when looking at the monetizing, the age range falls to that between 25-34. This is probably due to the fact that they have access to credit cards for mobile payments and still are interested in gaming on the go. The average transaction size as found by Flurry Analytics is US$15.60 for males and US$11.90 for female gamers.

Mobile operating system usage by consumers

Admob did a short survey that basically compared the usage between the Android, iOS and WebOS platforms to see which genders favor which platform. The simple comparison shows that the iOS is evenly split between male and female users while there is a slight male domination in the Android and WebOS platforms.